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April 2024 firmware for X-H2/S and X100VI brings HOT stuff

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The April 2024 firmware updates for the X-H2, X-H2S and X`100VI bring a couple of stellar updates for video:

- STEPLESS auto ISO. Just set your shutter and aperture manually (i.e. fixed) and ISO to Auto. Now as lighting changes in the frame, you will get a smooth, stepless ISO change and perfect exposure

- Start video recording and voila! you will see a red border on the LCD, just like on the X-T5

How bloody good are these? :)

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    • Same issue with 3.24 firmware, tried your solution and worked fine! The only change I had to make is tell the patcher to create a 3.25 version out of 3.23, as the camera refused to reinstall a 3.24 since it was there already
    • Strangely enough in 2024 I have the same problem and even Fuji are stuck for the reason why ? 
    • Perché? Potrebbe dipendere da questo? A me stesso problema ma tempo fa ho usato il proxy e vedevo la cartella, ma all' epoca usavo un lettore esterno di CF che poi ho smarrito....ora non vedo i Proxy e sto collegando direttamente la camera al pc
    • Thank you. Ill pick up another one. 
    • Perhaps try a different brand of sensor wipes and fluid. (Uh, I am not not trying to start a brand wars discussion, so I will just use the term different brand.)  Once upon a time a bug flew down my telescope and landed on the sensor and left a trail where it walked around that looked similar to what you are seeing. The trail only showed at certain f-stops. I could not get it cleaned off after using a lot of wipes and fluid. My local camera store person recommended trying a different brand. One pass with a dry swab (the usual approach for the new brand) and one pass with fluid and the mark was gone. I did use more pressure on the swabs than before. If the mark is on the sensor or on the inside of the protective glass, it would have been there from the start. This will need a trip to the service center to fix, but it can be fixed.
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