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  1. My XT-2 has taken to blinking the red light at the back. More worryingly a number of recent images are viewable on the camera back screen, but won’t transfer to an iPad or back up to a hard disk. Doesn’t matter the lens nor the memory card, it just keeps blinking. Anyone have a clue?
  2. I'm probably being dim here, but I can't get focus bracketing to work on my XT-2. Everything seems to work fine, but I just get a stack of identical images.
  3. Thanks for the reply. On reflection it was a daft question since using the native ISO in low light conditions makes the histogram something of an irrelevance. I like the idea of just using the native ISO and gaining all the available highlight headroom because you can't get back a blown highlight. The camera DR is not relevant since I'm only shooting in RAW. My own investigations suggest that amplifying in post is indistinguishable from increasing ISO in terms of noise and shadow gradation. Which is only to be expected since the sensitivity of the sensor isn't changed by increasing the ISO just the in-camera amplification. I like the highlight headroom and I like being able to choose a shutter seed free from the requirement to get the exposure 'correct' in the camera. Cheers
  4. I'm trying to shoot with ISO at native level and do the necessary amplification in post. However, in many shooting situations this makes the viewfinder image too dark to compose. To counter this I set 'Preview Exp' to off. Now I can see the scene fine, but the histogram doesn't respond to changes in exposure. It responds to changes in the scene, but not to changes in exposure. Anyone have a clue?
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