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  1. Ahhhh ....! The light just went on for me lol. I'm glad I read this post. My camera is the X-T2 and recently I have noticed something similar with it and my 16-55. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting an X-T4 soon, so I doubt I'll do anything about it. Still, it is good to hear about these things.
  2. Hi! Just wondering if you made any headway on this problem?
  3. I hope to do some horse photography soon Jayne, so probably ask you some questions if that is okay.
  4. Yes, I looked at your site and it is fantastic. You have some seriously good pictures on it! For sports photography, I use single point, back button focus. ISO I leave on automatic but don't let it go over 3200.
  5. If they do make one, I hope it will be fast!
  6. I think you'll be on to something with back button focus. By the way, I'm so jealous of you!! You photograph horses!!! That is something I haven't done yet and would give my left arm for the chance lol. Animal photograph is the best
  7. Hi everyone! My name's Rohan and I live in Tokyo. Originally from Australia, I came to Japan in 1991 for two years and then again in 1996 to live permanently. When I was younger I wasn't interested in photography at all unfortunately. I bought my Fujifilm X-T2 after I found out it would be overly expensive to repair my Pentax K3. The move to Fuji was something I have never regretted. Even in 2021, X-T2 still fulfills all my needs. Most of my pictures end up on my website, Tokyo in Pics. I try to put up at least one article a week, but more if circumstances permit. Tokyo is a fantastic city and I enjoy showing it to the world. Like many people, I'm self-taught so photography is something I'm learning as I go. And if you have any questions about the city, please ask me and I'll do my best to answer!
  8. Hello JayneO! Could I ask what your hit rate is? If you took 100 pictures, how many would be in focus? I use this lens a lot for sports photography, but never attain 100%. One problem with this lens, is that it isn't the fastest and I have had problems with focus in low-light. I'm thinking if you are shooting in the early morning, light might not be so good at times?
  9. I have an XT-2. Have used it since early 2017 and I still love it.
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