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Hello everyone,

New to the forum and new (again) to the Fuji system. My first one was the original X100 limited edition, beautiful camera that I regret selling it. You know, victim of G.A.S. Many systems later and after reviewing those beautiful files I found from my old camera, I decided to get back in track and bought myself a silver XT3, with the 18-55mm, 23mm f2, 35mm f1.4 and 60mm 2.4. I took it for a spin last November in China and I enjoy it very, very much. 

I am ready to learn and share our passion, glad to be here! I am leaving one of my favorite pics (panorama made with 3 RAW files) taken with the XT3 and the 18-55mm.



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20 hours ago, PFutschi said:

Wow, what a photo! You see the details in the shadows and you succeed to bridge the enormous  contrast. And the composition is great too.

Thank you very much glad you like it, those Chinese mountains are amazing. I had it printed on cotton paper @ 11x32in, and I will receive it next week, I hope it will look great on paper too :).

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