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  1. Have you experienced this error? I was shooting this morning, single shots and kept getting an error message saying Failed to Write to Card. Those images were not saved to disk. Any ideas?
  2. Look at the first three letters... LAK = 2017/01/11, etc
  3. I totally agree guys. I tried this one in Wex several months ago and it looked good, since then my uncle bought one and I ha e been looking at the reviews. I don’t think I’ll be disappointed either. I think I’ve finally decided that for me, I will use primes below 50mm and zooms above that mark.
  4. Thanks Quincy, that works for me. I’m assuming that there are no non branded teleconverters available? In the meantime, I have a 55-200mm lens waiting for me in the U.K. and am looking forward to getting my hands on it.
  5. As with many things for X-T20, I like to go for the smaller option.
  6. Ahh therein is the issue; we come back to the initial issue. If you recall, I use the Peak Design system plus I have a Fuji grip, so the whole thing was bulky with base plate as well, so I modified the Peak Design system to eliminate the PD base plate.The Fuji hand grip has an Arca Swiss fitting, so here I am at my original query. I think the only option for me is to install a converter on my Velbon tripod so that it will accept Arca Swiss. I’d rather have the bulk on the tripod that the camera itself. Thanks for the suggestion in any case.
  7. I ha e found a similar one to that that fixes to the removable Velbon camera mount, but I was wondering if Velbon actually made an Arca Suisse head.
  8. Thanks, the EET Europarts site is one that I had not found; and that’s in the UK! I’ll look to ordering one.
  9. I saw a multilens camera recently. I think the idea has potential.
  10. Well, it would certainly help people like myself to make an informed choice on lens purchases especially as the teleconverter only fits a selection of lenses.
  11. I need your help in your particular region. I recently bought a Velbon M43 tripod. Now I know from my research that Velbon has different tripod models in different regions. I was searching for a lightweight tripod and found this model in the Asia/Middle East region. It weighs only 880 grammes (1.94 pounds), which is amazingly light for an aluminium tripod. It suits me very well, it’s light, tall and relatively sturdy. However I’m looking for two things: 1) An End Hook for hanging a bag or weight on bottom of the central column. It comes on the Velbon Geo in some regions. 2) An Arca Swiss (or equivalent) mounting plate. I cannot find this on any Velbon tripods in Europe or the Middle East. I can find an adaptor plate that will fit, but I’m looking for a more elegant solution. So the questions are: In your region does Velbon sell spare parts for tripods as I’d like to get an End Hook for a Geo and adapt it for my tripod? In your region, does Velbon have Arca Swiss heads? I have searched the internet extensively. Like I say, Velbon Tripod model vary widely from region to region; so I’m hoping that other regions have a solution.
  12. Thanks digitalfella, I’ve been considering when I want a long telephoto lens for a while, and plumped for the 55-200mm which I should have in November. Obviously, I know the 2.0x teleconverter doesn’t work with that lens; but I will see if it’s long enough for my needs. The 2.0x is not cheap and is a lot of glass, but the example result looks good. @quincy. Would you consider adding the 1.4x and 2.0x teleconverters to your post, with a list of compatible lenses and review references?
  13. And the worse thing about that gear in my opinion is... you'd like like a right prat wearing it!
  14. That's right, the thing can't slip off as the tag is filed to fit the hole. Moreover, to stop it slipping, I filed a groove on either side, and the srtring is sandwiched between the tag and the bottom of the camera. I love modifying things to suit my needs; that's the engineer in me!
  15. Hi George; thanks I know it's a crimp tag, I was just keeping it simple. If I were back in Europe, I'd have bought solder tags. Unfortunately the Peak Design quick release cords do not have enough length to thread through the hole and loop and if I crimped it into place, I could not reuse the cord nor the crimp tag. I could have shortened the crimp tag and crimped a loop of wire in the end, but space would have been tight and I'd have no mechanical lock to prevent rotation which I do with this set up. I did think about drilling a hole, but I felt that the wrap around solution left fewer sharp edges. Thanks for the offer; but I think it's just fine and has no issues whatsoever.
  16. Anyone tell me how to delete the two blank posts?
  17. Anyway, it has a tubular protrusion which I flattened down and then carefully filed grooves in either side. I also had to file down the end a little to fit the space. This was actually a great advantage as the tag fits snugly in a recess and can't rotate because it's mechanically locked in place. Here's the result with the Peak Design camera strap attached...
  18. Now you would not believe it, but there is probably only one shop in Qatar that might have sold them. Luckily they had some, but not with slots; but I bought a couple in any case, so that I could try modifying the tag to suit my needs. Here's one of the ones I bought...
  19. I thought about drilling the Fuji hand grip, but there was nowhere on the item to do that. Then I started thinking about the mount screw and how I could fix something there. I thought of Mecanno, you can't get that here, trying to get metal pate in Qatar is not easy! Then my friend had a suggestion; use a solder tag, A solder tag is an electrical item that is bolted to another part and allows a wire to be soldered to it. You can't solder to most metals. The perfect one has a round hole for the bold and a slot for the wire; just like this one...
  20. This photo shows the camera with the Fuji hand grip and the Peak Design mounting plate on the bottom of the camera. Now, as you can see, the mounting plate is rather bulky and there's no way that camera will safely sit bottom down with it on. Also, I bought alightweight Velbin tripod and the Peak Design mounting plate doesn't fit the Velbon. So I had to think about how I could modify the camera to do away with the Peak Design mount, but still be able to use the handstrap. To be continued...
  21. So, I bought an X-T20 just over a month ago. I live in the Middle East and it's not easy to come by accessories here, so I had to do a lot of research on what I might need. I read reviews online, watched You-Tube videos and searched the net. One of the biggest bugbears that people seem to have with the X-T10 and 20 is the small hand grip. There appeared to be three solutions that would suit or assist me. - The Hand Grip - A hand strap - A thumb rest It seemed to me that all three would be useful in one way or another, so I bought a secondhand Fuji MHG-XT10 Hand Grip on eBay, a Peak Design Clutch Hand Strap from Wex Cameras and a hot shoe mounted thumb rest from China. The attached photo shows the thumb rest and hand strap...
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