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  1. Raw enabled/disabled does not have an effect, but going to single shot does. I see the picture just taken when using a single still image, but not when doing any bracketing. This was different with the previous firmware. I regard that as a painful step back. Does anybody know a way around/back to the old way?
  2. I have another problem since updating. After taking a picture i like to review the picture immediately for up to 1.5 seconds using the EVF. Thus, i set the screen setting - image display at 1.5 seconds. But my EVF (and LCD display) changes immediately to the live view again without showing the picture just taken. It does not matter whether i choose 0.5 s, 1.5 s or continuous, it always switches back to the live view immediately. Any idea how to change this? best Felipe
  3. I am taking pictures since almost 40 years a lot, often when raining. Although i have never owned a weather resistant lens/camera until recently i never ever had a problem. When reading in this forum and blogs some people say WR is a big plus, others say it is overrated. Thus, my question: Who ever had problems with a non-WR or a WR-lens when raining?
  4. The compact f2 lenses are very good and they keep enough market share open for fast, high-end lenses. Actually, to have two series of prime lenses, one compact f2 and a faster, higher IQ, and more expensive one is perfectly serving different markets. But right now, you have to accept quite some disadvantages when going the fast line: slower AF, noisier AF, missing WR. As if BMW would sell fast high-performance cars at a hefty price premium with sluggish and noisy steering. Entirely unacceptable. If Fuji likes to continue selling the more expensive x-series cameras as a serious contender competing with DSLRs they need high-end sub-f2 primes that are worth the price premium in any respect. Thus, Fuji, produce as fast as possible three new primes: 23 f1.2, 33 f1, 56 f1.2 with fast, silent AF, WR, (manual focus ring and OIS).
  5. Moving air and dust when zooming I read about two potential problems, which I cannot fully understand – both related to moving air and dust when zooming. Fuji vs. Fuji says when comparing Fuji´s standard zooms: “Eye-blow: Another area the 18-55mm f/2.8-4 wins in is eye-blow. If there is any, I can’t feel it. With the other two lenses, you might dry your eye out if you zoom out too quickly. The 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 is the worst here.“ And Philip Sutton writes in his blog „However, it is the dust and filth that creates the amazing light that one can only find in Myanmar. The thought of sucking all of this into my camera each time I zoomed, was not comforting. … I started reading a lot about the 18-135 mm lens. I loved the fact that it is sealed.“ I cannot understand the eye-blow problem at all, because there is no direct connection between lens and ocular in mirrorless cameras. The dust problem I can understand, but I have a hard time to believe that this is a relevant problem. Does anybody have a thought, experience or deeper insight into this moving air and dust “problem”?
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