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  1. Sounds interesting... What changes should we expect to see?
  2. Do you know what is happening with the proposed XF 8-16mm lens? It’s still on the roadmap for about February and we’re now in May.
  3. So thinner and lighter than the X-T20, but slightly wider.
  4. Surprisingly few clues as to what this camera will be like... I know what I wish for, so maybe I will be rewarded.
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  6. Hoped I’ll get the chance to try them next week.
  7. 10. Integral grip with shutter button 11. Remove exposure compensation dial 12. Add top lcd 13. Add in body geotagging
  8. Hello Jose,I have actually bought two 12mm lenses; the Samyang and the 7Artisans. They are currently in the U.K., so I have not had a chance to check them yet. The 7Artisans also gets good reviews, so I’d like to compare them for myself. I will keep the best one and sell the other. It’s good to know that you hold the Samyang in such high regard. I was sure, after reading the reviews, that I would not be disappointed with it; but I wanted to compare the two myself. I have other criteria such as size and weight plus also I have an 18-55mm lens and want to see just how much wider it is than 18mm.
  9. Hi Yoan,I am constantly checking the Laowa website. It was announced on 22 December, but does not appear to be released yet.
  10. Thanks Milandro, I think that’s conclusive and thank you also to the lens comparison site; that is a really useful resource. Maybe one day Fujinon will release an 8mm ultra wide. In the meantime, the Samyang 12mm is on my shopping list as soon as I get my credit card bill. Best regards Kate
  11. Do you know what the widest rectilinear X-Mount prime lens currently available is and how good they are? I’ve heard great things about the Samyang 12mm, but what about the Samyang 10mm; is the quality good and the distortion low? There is the Venus Laowa 9mm apparently being launched, but I have seen scant information on this and whilst the images look good, they only come from one source. In any case, it’s not yet released, so I’d prefer not to wait. Are there any other rectilinear prime x-Mount lens choices below 12mm?
  12. I'm almost certainly going to get the Samyang 12mm and for me, an amateur, I cannot justify the money for the Zeiss and I agree reviews are not as good as it ought to be. I am wanting a prime lens at this focal length as I can usually move closer or further away rather than zoom in and out. So I'm waiting until payday.
  13. That would be very kind of you Dom.
  14. Update: it turned out the card was faulty. I swapped it out for another and have had no problems since.
  15. Decisions decisions! I’m leaning towards the Samyang 12mm... But then again Thanks for all your help everyone.
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