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  1. Thank you Howie. I must admit I was, and still am, tempted by the X-T2 and X-Pro2 models; but I set myself a budget (for now).
  2. I'd like to see in body geotagging; I can't be doing with hooking up to my smartphone!
  3. I hope this is true, because it means more choice of lenses if you like OIS.
  4. Hi Doug, Yes, the list is endless. I've been researching hand and neck straps; the system I really like is quick release and interchangeable but unfortunately only available in America, unfortunately trans Atlantic postage is prohibitive. Do you have any preferred systems? Thanks for the heads up. Did you buy a non-fuji lens cap for you pancake and if so what brand was it?
  5. I haven't even got my x-t20 yet and I'm buying accessories! I bought the XF 18-55mm kit. I've already bought... XF 27mm pancake lens Dual USB charger and a 3m long USB 2.0 micro b cable Thumb rest Remote shutter release I'm planning to get two extra Fuji branded batteries, a lightweight tripod, toploader camera bag and a hand grip too. What non-OEM accessories have you bought for your X-T20; please post photo and link if you don't mind.
  6. Thank you Andreas... I ignored this box as in other forums I belong to it searched the whole internet. Anyway, I just riedvit myself and glad to see it operating as advised.
  7. X-T20. Too new for your list unfortunately.
  8. I just joined. Am I going mad; I can't see anywhere where I can Search the forums.
  9. I though the X-T20 had a smaller hot shoe than the standard Canon, etc.
  10. Hello, I just found this forum. I am new to Fuji as I wanted a camera with full controls but light-weight too. After a lot of research, I settled on the X-T20 with the XF 18-55mm lens as it ticks most of my boxes. I have ordered it, but I won't get it until I go back to the UK on my Eid break. I'm feeling really excited. I've already bought a 27mm pancake lens! I'm now looking for other useful accessories. I currently live and work in Qatar.
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