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Deleting photos on XT-2


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I'm not aware of a way to delete them simultaneously.  And, IMHO you shouldn't be deleting images on the camera anyway as that "could" cause data corruption on the card.   Just my two cents. 


I'd also avoid deleting individual photos but I wonder if there is a key combination like there is with format.

(press and hold delete for an second + press in rear scroll wheel)

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A quick format method that I have seen listed several places.  It works great for me.


I only format with the trash button.  I do not delete an image or group of images.


With camera turned on, hold trash button down for  3 sec. or so.  While continuing to hold down trash button, press the rear command dial  (the wheel at the upper right of the back).  The screen will ask you to choose slot 1 or slot 2.  Follow commands to delete all of the images on the card in that slot.   You must do the process twice, each time choosing the slot with the card you with to format.   Remember this process, by reformatting the card, deletes ALL images on that card.


Saves menu diving to clean and format cards.


Thanks for the advise on not deleting photos from the SD cards in the camera. What is the general procedure when taking daily photos that I want to upload to my laptop? Should I upload them then reformat the card in the camera each time?


With regard to uploading.  I use a card reader.  I download my images for the day and often continue to use the card the next few days, downloading only my new images for each day, usually to a separate folder in my main images folder.  I use 32 GB files which often last me two or three days when I am seriously shooting. \\


I shoot only RAW so my slot 2 is a backup.  When I have essentially filled the 32 GB card, i retire it and use another card to finish my trip, event or whatever.  The second slot contains a 256 GB for backup and this card is good to backup at least eight 32 GB cards.  At the end of the trip or event, when I get home I download my images via card reader from my 32 GB cards to my computer and to my backup external drive.  At that point I reformat, using the technique listed above for both all of the 32 GB cards used and the 256 GB back card.


I carry sixteen 32 GB cards and two 256 GB cards.  I have yet to run out of space even on a four week trip.


Maybe more than you all want to know, but perhaps this is a help or idea trigger for someone.



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And, IMHO you shouldn't be deleting images on the camera anyway as that "could" cause data corruption on the card.   Just my two cents. 


good point!

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