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  1. That is great, sgmcenroe! I have not had to do the reset on my camera, but I figure it must be like a re-boot on the computer. Happy shooting!
  2. Have you tried the reset on your camera? While I have not had the problem, I wonder if it would be worth a try. Also, I suggest you call the great folks at Fuji technical support. If you are in the USA the number is 1-800-800-3854
  3. Thanks for sharing, Chas. I think this is a very worthwhile firmware update. My X-T2 is now updated.
  4. I could not be happier with my X-T2 and X-Pro2 cameras and assorted Fuji lenses. The X-T3 is of no interest to me.
  5. Like Stephen, mine came in a sealed box and was made in Japan. I really like my X-100F!
  6. You are experiencing what is called chromatic aberration. It occurs in extremely high contrast images such as you have. As a RAW shooter, I correct CA in PhotoShop.
  7. I'm sure the new X-H1 will be a great new Fuji camera. However, for what I need my X-Pro2 and X-T2 get the job done nicely. I'm very content with my current Fuji cameras which also include an X-E2 and an X-100F.
  8. I'm with Warwick, I think the X-T2 and the X-H1 are aimed at different users. While I like all I have seen/read about the X-H1, I like my X-T2 for the photography I'm doing. I just can't say enough good things about the X-T2.
  9. Monday night after our monthly Photo Guild meeting I decided to do a short town walkabout with my X-Pro2/18-55. It was chilly and the air was damp with a heavy mist.
  10. Right you are.... the X-100F is a great upgrade and a great camera. It is my stealth street photography camera of choice.
  11. I have not heard of this problem and hope it does not happen to my X-100F which is working fine. Love that little camera!
  12. Is there a discount coupon for the new X-Pert tips book for the Fuji X-100F?
  13. Like you, kivi, I'm a Nikonian, but now shooting mostly Fuji. I'm enjoying my Fuji cameras especially for travel.
  14. Manxmaid, we had the good fortune to spend several days on the Isle of Man back in the late 80's. What a beautiful place and what friendly people. Seeing your post brought back fond memories of having been there. Yes, we just got lucky and were there for the TT race. Wow! That was amazing. Like you, I'm fairly new to Fuji, but love them!
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