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  1. dfaye

    Unable to claim cashback for X-T3

    How ridiculous! You have indeed done everything according to the rules, and they are bound by law (Trade Descriptions) to honour the terms of their advertisements. I could go on at length (but won't) about Fuji's ill-thought-out claims process. (And yes - bad new for those in Northern Ireland!) I do hope you get this sorted soon. Please continue the updates - and congratulations on your marriage!
  2. dfaye

    Unable to claim cashback for X-T3

    I can't see any reason why you shouldn't get the cashback on either of your transactions: you've done all that's required. It's just a matter of getting round the deficiencies in the system. I reckon you should get a reply to your email within a day or two. Fingers crossed for you - and looking forward to hearing a positive result!
  3. dfaye

    Unable to claim cashback for X-T3

    Hi Heather, it's really frustrating, isn't it? I think the problem with Fujifilm themselves is that they've offloaded the whole process to this outside company, so don't really understand (care?) about the glitches. Do please report back, because your experience will be helpful to lots of us. Once again, Good Luck!
  4. dfaye

    Unable to claim cashback for X-T3

    I've had similar problems in the past with Fuji's promotions claim site. The process seems to be run by some outside organisation, but when I had problems they responded well to my email and let me simply email them the relevant forms and info. There is an email address in the Terms and Conditions for the current (Winter 2018) promotion, as follows. Don't worry if you haven't managed to get the Claim ID etc: just email them and tell them the problem. I hope this helps. Good luck! 16. Email address for correspondence is fujifilm@promotion-support.com; please provide your unique Claim ID supplied during the claim process with any correspondence. Further details can be found on Support page.
  5. For what it's worth (not much, I'm afraid), I can confirm that my several Canon RS-60E3 remote releases (2.5mm jack) are still working fine with my X-T2 and other Fuji cameras. It does sound as if something's preventing a connection in your X-T2's 2.5mm socket. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  6. dfaye

    Turn off X-H1 Q button?

    I agree - it's a crazy place to have put the Q button; I'm accidentally activating it all the time. The trouble is, I do use the Q screen quite often, so locking the button isn't an option for me. Here's hoping Fuji finds a more sensible location for it on the X-H2, when that eventually arrives!
  7. dfaye

    X-T2 LCD and EVF Color Tint

    Has the White Balance setting been shifted to a warmer tone? Go into WB and click the arrow on the right of your chosen setting to bring up the WB shift screen. It's easy to accidentally move the point off-centre.
  8. dfaye

    My X-Pro2 Review.

    Thanks, Adam: very helpful. I haven't yet downloaded C1E, but will do so soon, and it's great to have some clear, well-illustrated instructions to get me started.
  9. dfaye


    Yes, I don't think it was available for the X-T1: it came in with the next generation of cameras. Certainly available on the X-E3.
  10. dfaye


    Set-up menu (wrench icon) > Save data set-up > Copyright info > Delete copyright info. Then enter your own author and copyright info.
  11. And you may find that the effect is stronger at certain apertures. Given that macro lenses tend to be used stopped down to f11 or beyond, maybe the algorithms enhance jpeg contrast/sharpness at those apertures: fine for macro, but not always what you want in a wider scene. But I find it a great little lens for close-ups.
  12. I see what you mean; it's as if the jpeg has had too much contrast/clarity applied in-camera, and maybe a bit too much sharpness. I get something similar with my XF18-135, but I haven't noticed it with the Touit 50mm (although I've used the latter almost exclusively for close-ups and macro). In the case of my 18-135 I get the same "crunchy" effect whichever camera it's on, so I've concluded it's a characteristic either of that individual lens, or of the 18-135 lenses in general - it hasn't occurred with other lenses I've owned. So if I'm working with the jpegs from the 18-135 I just resign myself to toning down the contrast/clarity a little in LR: that usually works well enough. But I hope someone else can offer you a more useful comment on your problem with the Touit!
  13. I'm intrigued by this. I haven't noticed any such problems with the Zeiss Touit 50mm on my X-T2, or any other jpeg problems. Have you checked that your jpeg settings for noise reduction etc haven't been accidentally adjusted? I usually keep NR at -1, and Highlight Tone, Shadow Tone and Sharpness at 0 unless there's a particular reason to change them. I agree with you, though, that image quality on the X-T1 has always been pretty good.
  14. dfaye

    AUTO ISO issues on X-Series

    Are you shooting in low light or with a very small aperture? With the Auto ISO settings, the camera will respect the highest ISO you have set (in your case 800), but if it can't get enough light for a correct exposure at that ISO setting, it will lengthen the shutter speed until it *can* expose correctly, even if this means going below the minimum shutter speed you have set.