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  1. Just a thought: some makeup contains small particles of reflective material, the idea being to give the complexion a lustrous look. The white spots on your model's face do look a bit like reflected light from a strong light-source (compare also the reflected light on the brim of the hat). If you notice this phenomenon mainly on faces, I wonder if this could be the cause? (Normally the reflective particles in makeup are very small, but I guess they could clump together...)
  2. Both entirely normal. In the first case, the camera is taking a long exposure because you've got the lens cap on, and then (because you've got long exposure noise reduction activated) it is effectively taking that shot again to identify the noise. The second shot then gets "subtracted" from the first. You can deactivate long exposure noise reduction and only turn it on when you actually need it; then your accidental exposures won't take so long! Your second point also sounds quite normal; the electronics are just readjusting from displaying a played-back image to displaying a live sensor view. The X-T2 is a great camera, and I hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of it.
  3. I find Daylight WB works well in most conditions (the light from the flash is daylight-balanced). However if you've got a lot of ambient light that is not daylight and you want that to be a feature of your photo as well (for example night shots in city streets, or indoors under artificial lighting), then Auto WB is often a good choice - although it can be unpredictable. I find it's a matter of playing around to see what renders best.
  4. I bought a bag of 10 Nikon sync terminal covers very cheaply on ebay several years ago: they fit fine on the XT/XH cameras. (I think the dealer was in China.)
  5. Something else you could check: go into the AF&MF menu, then to Release/Focus Priority on p.2 of that menu. If your AF-S and/or AF-C priority selection is set to "Focus", then the camera won't take a picture unless the image is properly in focus. (I keep mine set to "Release" for both, even if it means a few out-of-focus shots). It might also be an idea to re-format your cards before trying again.
  6. Go to the set-up menu (wrench icon) and then to "Screen Set-Up", then to "Preview Exp/WB in Manual Mode" and turn that setting OFF. You'll then be able to see what you're doing in the EVF/LCD. It helps to put that setting on a Function Button or into My Menu, so you can toggle it on and off easily. (I've got it near the top of My Menu.)
  7. Thanks for the update, Heather. All sounds good. And congratulations on buying the 80mm macro and the 100-400: as you will have discovered, they're both stunning lenses - I reckon they're up there with the very best of the full-frame competition. Happy shooting!
  8. I'm not a tech expert, but these are the things I would try. (In fact you've probably already tried some of them, but here goes anyway.) First, I'd gently clean the contacts on the SD card, and also use a bulb blower or similar to clear any possible obstructions from the card slot. If you've got another SD card, maybe try that in case it was a card fault. (Some people have reported problems with certain brands of card: SanDisk are what Fuji recommends - and it should of course be UHS I (not II).) For good measure I'd also clean the battery contacts and make sure the battery compartment is clean. Another possibility is that the camera is getting itself in a twist if too many things are set to auto. (It shouldn't happen, but sometimes it does!) So I'd try a fully manual setting: for the sake of argument, ISO 200, aperture f8, shutter 1/125, Dynamic Range 100, and put the drive dial on S - single shot. If that works, then the problem may just have been a passing glitch. If none of the above works, then it may be time to get Fuji or a professional repairer take a look. Hope you get it sorted soon.
  9. Total depth of the XE3/15-45 combo, from back of camera to front of lens cap, is around 9mm/3.5 inches. Still pretty small, and lightweight, but you need large pockets.
  10. The first thing I'd check is whether the View Mode button is working properly. With the camera turned on, it should cycle between Eye Sensor, LCD Only, EVF Only + Eye Sensor, and Eye Sensor + LCD Image Display with each press of the button. (It's easiest to check this with your eye to the EVF.) When it is set on Eye Sensor you should get the automatic switching that you want. If you don't, then it does sound as though there's some defect.
  11. I think this goes to the heart of the matter: Fuji appear to be making it as difficult as possible to claim the cashbacks, and it is good to see these problems being aired as a warning to others. I've had similar experiences in the past and although I did eventually get my money, the tormented procedures, the contradictory instructions and the defective websites were enough to put me off this time round. I never had this problem in all my years with Canon. I see that Fuji are offering straight cashbacks (upfront, at point of purchase) with their GFX gear. That's excellent. They need to go back to doing this with their X-series gear as well. Competition is hotting up with Canon and Nikon entering the mirrorless market. Fuji needs to look after its loyal customers. There, rant over! But thanks to all of your for sharing your experiences, and I'm glad that some at least have got sorted.
  12. How ridiculous! You have indeed done everything according to the rules, and they are bound by law (Trade Descriptions) to honour the terms of their advertisements. I could go on at length (but won't) about Fuji's ill-thought-out claims process. (And yes - bad new for those in Northern Ireland!) I do hope you get this sorted soon. Please continue the updates - and congratulations on your marriage!
  13. I can't see any reason why you shouldn't get the cashback on either of your transactions: you've done all that's required. It's just a matter of getting round the deficiencies in the system. I reckon you should get a reply to your email within a day or two. Fingers crossed for you - and looking forward to hearing a positive result!
  14. Hi Heather, it's really frustrating, isn't it? I think the problem with Fujifilm themselves is that they've offloaded the whole process to this outside company, so don't really understand (care?) about the glitches. Do please report back, because your experience will be helpful to lots of us. Once again, Good Luck!
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