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  1. Thanks Greybeard. I hadn't realised that the front command dial managed the aperture setting with lens setting set to A, and I hadn't realised that it was necessary to set TWO different settings in the Button/Dial menu (Command Dial Setting AND Aperture Ring Setting). Got it now. Thanks for your help.
  2. I wonder whether anyone else has had this problem (I know someone else has - from a post on the X-T3 FB group. I just cannot persuade the front command dial to adjust the aperture! Tried using the 18-55 and the 80mm. And yes: it's set to Aperture Priority (lens not set to A; shutter knob set to A; ISO set to...well, any setting other than A). EVF confirms I'm in Aperture Priority. And if I set EC to C and press in the front command, the dial does adjust EC. So it seems it's just the aperture adjustment I can't get to work. And yes: in Menu, I went to wrench/spanner, selected Button/Dial Setting/Command Dial Setting, and set "1" (F) to Aperture. Any suggestions? Of course I can change aperture on the lens, but the front command dial SHOULD work (shouldn't it?), and it would be handy if it did... Thanks for any comments! Heather
  3. Ah, thank you very much, dfaye! Yes, indeed, those are fabulous lenses, and the camera itself is fabulous. I will stay with them for the remainder of my life, I believe. Thanks, and happy shooting to you and all, too. Heather
  4. Hello all. I thought I'd just come back with a quick postscript Yesterday, when >30 days had passed since I bought an 80mm XF Macro and a 100-400mm XF zoom, I entered fujifilm-connect both to register these lenses and then to enter my cashback claim (€450 - not insignificant!). I had some trepidation in starting out, based on past experience. Well...the system seems to function admirably! No longer any need to upload photos of serial numbers, or copies of the "specific offer". Just select the lens model, enter the s/no, and upload the dealer's receipt. 2 minutes. All right, I haven't actually been PAID yet. But...I received claim numbers, & a link on which I can track progress (still "processing claim"). And I've no reason to think it won't work as hoped for. So...take a bow, Fujifilm! House put in order, I think - as well as making fine cameras and lenses. Now, if they could just do something about the constant rain... Thanks to all for your support and help. Happy photographing, and I hope Santa will deliver some wanted bit of Fuji-gear for this festive season. Heather
  5. Folks, I'm obviously not speaking on behalf of Fujifilm UK. However, from correspondence with management there, I truly don't think for a minute that they're trying to hang onto our dough for as long as possible by making things difficult. Yes: things HAVE been difficult, and to some extent remain confusing. A large part of that is a reality that they have two websites operating in parallel at the moment, fujifilm-promotions and fujifilm-connect. The former is being closed down but can't be, apparently, until 1st December; after that, I'm told that all promotions and claims will happen via clicking "Promotions" at the top of the fujifilm-connect.com page; and I do believe that will make things a lot less confusing. There's out-of-date stuff on the OLD fujifilm-promotions.com web pages. PLUS (and this is to correct a post I did a while ago): it now seems that it's no longer necessary to upload electronic copies of the specific cashback promotion leaflet, or indeed photos of the serial number. At least that how it looks to me, and forgive me if I turn out to be wrong. It seems, from looking at the new (fujifilm-connect.com) claims page, that the only thing required to be uploaded is the dealer's receipt (proof of purchase). It seems you now just have to type in the serial number. So that's all a good bit less cumbersome. I'll go along with what folk here have said about the difficulty of getting a reasonably timed human response from fujifilm@promotion-support.com. That's annoying but again I think Fujifilm UK themselves are aware of it and are trying to improve it. I don't want to seem like an apologist for Fujifilm, but I genuinely believe that (a) there were problems, (b) Fujifilm are addressing them, and (c) they don't want to hang onto our money or make life difficult for us. That would just be bad business, and they really don't want that. On a positive note, aren't the X-T3 and the Fuji lenses superb? I'm enjoying them a lot. Good luck all Heather
  6. That's great, David. Sounds like they're getting their act together and sorting out the various problems. Good news. Thanks for letting us know. Best wishes Heather
  7. Well, Jessops (not surprisngly) is listed as a 'qualified dealer' for the UK, which is good. I had a quick look at the Fujifilm Connect page and clicked on some cashback claim links more or less at random. I very much have the impression that they've altered a fair bit over the apst few weeks, as indeed Fujifilm UK said they would. My impression from the (random) web page I connected into is that a lot has changed. Incidentally, I see that the reference to only "UK mainland and RoI" has disappeared in favour of "EU". I'm sure it'll all work grand for you after the 30 days (I found I had to wait for around 31-32 days so maybe be patient). Best of luck with it. Heather
  8. PS I tried the "different browsers" thing too (my usual Firefox and then Chrome), but w no success. Eventually I WAS able to put in a claim using Firefox (tho after the problem was being sorted by management). So I don't think you need worry about your browser. Did your dealer give you a leaflet for the promotion? If not, request it cos you'll need it. In electronic form (both sides) would be handiest, or you can scan the paper version. For serial number, either a photo of it from the box or from.the product itself will do. I assume your dealer is listed as a 'qualifying dealer', & that you're resident in the same country. Interestingly, some offers state "MAINLAND UK or RoI" - that is, it excludes NI for some reason. Other offers just specify "resident in the EU". Funny ol world... Heather
  9. Well. From what I gathered, they're changing systems to integrate more closely the product registration system with the (3rd party co) cashback system. I suggested to Fuji management that there may be redundant web pages, & they say they will (a) do an audit of their site and (b) improve Support. That doesn't help you of course. BUT I can add the following: - the calendar doesn't let you get to the date you want because the 30 days from start of offer hasn't expired (tho I do suspect there's at least one redundant site w a non-functioBing calendar and other fields too; - if I were you, for the moment I would register your product(s) on their Fuji Connect page (triggers your warranty anyway); - then I'd forget doing anything further until at least 30 days have expired since the date of purchase. DO get together your receipt; a photo of serial numbers; and copies (electronic) of the front & back of the SPECIFIC offer you bought within. You'll need those; -don't worry about it till at least 30 days after your purchase, since the system won't let you proceed till then anyway. I hope the above helps. Let us know if it does? Heather
  10. Hello Stevens Thanks for the update. I'm.glad that at any rate you'll be receiving the cash you're owed, even if late. I heard very little by way of personal communication either from Promotion Support. However, my experience in communicating with Fujifilm UK managers themselves was entirely different: immediate and helpful. I reckon that - as others have written - that the problem is that the cashback thing is being run by a (new) third party company. I tend to agree with your views on cashback offers. They seem to be common (Canon have used them for years), and I can only suppose there's some reason why the industry uses them instead of simple 'reductions'. But they sure are stressful! And it does indeed look like a scheme to hang onto customers' money for as long as possible. I don't understand the reason for having them. Having said that, some of the savings are meaningful - to me, anyway. So I would probably avail of them if I were buying another costly item. And I get the impression that Fujifilm themselves are trying to address the problems currently there. They certainly do need to be addressed. That's NOT to disagree with you, though. It would be far preferable for the customer to be able to avail of a straightforward discount. Anyway...glad you're being 'sorted' out, at any rate. AND the camera and lenses certainly are super, in my limited experience. All the best.
  11. Hi Stevens I just read your post now - I'm away (home tomorrow night), & haven't been checking mails. For obvious reasons I sympathise with your situation! My own issue was about a trade in of camera for a new X-T3/lens kit, but the principles are the same. Plus I have €450 to claim as cashback on an 80mm macro and a 100-400mm lens, I due course. I live in Ireland; the trade in was done w a Scottish dealer; & the lenses bought from an Irish dealer. I DON'T agree that folk should just ignore the cashback thing - it's part of your contract, and you're due it. I assume your dealer is a "qualifying dealer". For info (you probably know this), you have to have; receipt from qualifying dealer; electronic version of both sides of the specific promo leaflet; photo of lens serial no; and your and bank's full info incl IBAN & BIC. Have you had any success yet? If not, I can email the Marketing Manager (Fujifilm UK) w a copy of your post, asking if I can share his name/email w you (I got it by a circuitous route & he was very good to me so I want to give him that courtesy). I can say he acted right away, & I got my cashback! It seems they're migrating systems at present, integrating registration (Fuji Connect) w the promotions company's systems. I'm promised that they will (a) give more effective support emails and (b) do a full systems audit (I suspect there are some obsolete claims web pages knocking around on their systems). Let me know? You CAN and will get your cashback. There does seem to be a fair bit of chaos around but the UK senior management seem to want to help, and do so. Sorry for your troubles...!
  12. Ah, thank you for that. Mmm, I would have liked to have spent my first few days of married life NOT emailing all sorts of Fujifilm support, help, promotion, and info addresses. And I DID hope that with everything I sent to them yesterday (including a new attempt just before midnight; a Dublin-based camera shop with nothing at all to do with the camera claim very kindly gave me yet another website to try, although I did have to select an Irish dealer at random but then emailed the Fujifilm X World Team to tell them as requested)...but no: so far, no claim number. And without a claim number Messrs Fujifilm X World Team tell me that (for some reason best known to themselves, since they seem to agree that I'm owed this cashback) they cannot ask the Promotions company to alter the dealer to the correct one. So now it seems that I'm in a classic Catch 22 situation. Anyway, I appreciate your sympathy; it means a lot to me. And tomorrow morning off we shall go for a week of honeymoon and return to take up the cudgels with Fujifilm again. It's not that it's that much money (though on a pension, £100 means something to me); it's the principle of the d--n thing. Thanks again and yes: I'll happily update you if and when there is any progress. On my return, if there's no progress, I intend to write to the Marketing Director of Fujifilm UK, spelling the whole thing out and asking him/her to (a) get me my money and (b) sort the process out so that their promotion offers can be honoured. Heather
  13. Hi again. I said I would let you know how things went with the cashback issue. On 8th November, I received an email from the "Fujifilm X World Team" (the only people who responded to any emails I was able to send to Fuji), and they wrote as follows: Thank you for contacting Fujifilm UK. Under the terms and conditions of the promotion, you have to be a UK resident if you purchase from the UK to be able to claim for the trade in bonus/cashback. We are currently investigating to see if there is anything we can do to help you. Please bear with us and we will contact you once we have an answer. Kind regards The Fujifilm X World Team I bought the camera/lens from Ffordes in Scotland (part of UK). Their website offer ran as follows: Purchase this new Fujifilm X-T3 Body Only and claim £100 Part Exchange Bonus. Valid from 1st October 2018 to 31st March 2019 via https://fujifilm-promotions.com/gb/en/pages/promotion The Terms and Conditions state: " Purchases must be made from a qualifying retailer [Ffordes is a qualifying retailer]... The promotion is open to residents of mainland UK and ROI only" I am a resident of the ROI (Republic of Ireland (in passing, I find myself wondering why Fujifilm restricts the offer to "mainland UK and ROI", thus shutting out Northern Ireland, which is an integral part of the UK, but that's just a political 'wonder' on my part). I've therefore emailed back to Messrs Fujifilm X World Team, stating my case and requesting that they honour their cashback offer - an offer whose validity to me I had queried with Ffordes during the transaction, and Ffordes' said I could indeed claim the £100, via the Fujifilm Promotions company. I was unable to reply to Messrs Fujifilm X World Team before today, as they mailed me on the 8th and I was getting married on the 9th. Anyway, that's the story to date. I'm anxious and indeed determined to get a resolution to this, and as promised before I'll update on what transpires. I LOVE the X-T3 and Fujifilm lenses, but this just starts me out on the Fujifilm photography career with a bad taste in the mouth... Heather
  14. Thanks a million. Hope so. I'll let you know how it works out....
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