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    dfaye reacted to egray in Two rookie questions   
    Thank you dfaye, for your reassurance. To be normal...
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    dfaye reacted to guyfromtor in White Balance setting when shooting with Flash?   
    Thank you so much for the info.
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    dfaye reacted to Stonecroft in Fuji Support   
    I discovered that one of the screws was missing from the base of my MHG-XT2 Grip.  I contacted Fuji support to see if they could help.  4 days later 2 replacements arrived! That's what I call service!
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    dfaye got a reaction from George_P in Dark viewfinder screen   
    Go to the set-up menu (wrench icon) and then to "Screen Set-Up", then to "Preview Exp/WB in Manual Mode" and turn that setting OFF. You'll then be able to see what you're doing in the EVF/LCD. It helps to put that setting on a Function Button or into My Menu, so you can toggle it on and off easily. (I've got it near the top of My Menu.)
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    dfaye reacted to Michiel Maandag in PC Sync Terminal Cover / Cap   
    Thank you ! I did not find any XT3 specific ones on eBay, but good to know that the Nikon ones work fine too. I will check it out. 
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    dfaye got a reaction from yukosteel in Help please   
    Something else you could check: go into the AF&MF menu, then to Release/Focus Priority on p.2 of that menu. If your AF-S and/or AF-C priority selection is set to "Focus", then the camera won't take a picture unless the image is properly in focus. (I keep mine set to "Release" for both, even if it means a few out-of-focus shots).
    It might also be an idea to re-format your cards before trying again.
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    dfaye reacted to HeatherJ in Unable to claim cashback for X-T3   
    Ah, thank you very much, dfaye!  Yes, indeed, those are fabulous lenses, and the camera itself is fabulous. I will stay with them for the remainder of my life, I believe.  Thanks, and happy shooting to you and all, too.
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    dfaye reacted to HeatherJ in Unable to claim cashback for X-T3   
    Hello all.
    I thought I'd just come back with a quick postscript
    Yesterday, when >30 days had passed since I bought an 80mm XF Macro and a 100-400mm XF zoom, I entered fujifilm-connect both to register these lenses and then to enter my cashback claim (€450 - not insignificant!). I had some trepidation in starting out, based on past experience.
    Well...the system seems to function admirably! No longer any need to upload photos of serial numbers, or copies of the "specific offer". Just select the lens model, enter the s/no, and upload the dealer's receipt. 2 minutes.
    All right, I haven't actually been PAID yet. But...I received claim numbers, & a link on which I can track progress (still "processing claim"). And I've no reason to think it won't work as hoped for.
    So...take a bow, Fujifilm! House put in order, I think - as well as making fine cameras and lenses. Now, if they could just do something about the constant rain...
    Thanks to all for your support and help. Happy photographing, and I hope Santa will deliver some wanted bit of Fuji-gear for this festive season.
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    dfaye got a reaction from Kenz Kamera in Unable to claim cashback for X-T3   
    I've had similar problems in the past with Fuji's promotions claim site. The process seems to be run by some outside organisation, but when I had problems they responded well to my email and let me simply email them the relevant forms and info. There is an email address in the Terms and Conditions for the current (Winter 2018) promotion, as follows. Don't worry if you haven't managed to get the Claim ID etc: just email them and tell them the problem. I hope this helps. Good luck!
    16.    Email address for correspondence is fujifilm@promotion-support.com; please provide your unique Claim ID supplied during the claim process with any correspondence. Further details can be found on Support page.
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    dfaye reacted to Fuji X Rumors in Samyang to Launch Fujifilm X Autofocus Lenses in 2019 – Anonymous Source   
    Samyang AF Lenses for Fujifilm I have been contacted by an anonymous source, who told FujiRumors that Samyang/Rokinon does plan autofocus lenses for Fujifilm X mount and that they might come as soon as 2019. I am a proud owner…
    The post Samyang to Launch Fujifilm X Autofocus Lenses in 2019 – Anonymous Source appeared first on Fuji Rumors.
    Full Article on Fuji Rumors
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    dfaye reacted to HeatherJ in Unable to claim cashback for X-T3   
    dfaye, thank you very much indeed for your reply, reassurance, and especially the address. I really appreciate it.
    I did yesterday find a "help" address for Fujifilm, and I mailed them. They replied to me yesterday but seemed unable to understand what the problem was. They seemed to think the whole issue was that only today it becomes 30 days after purchase, whereas actually the 30 days should have been the 4th Nov. And they didn't 'get' the issue of not being able to select the dealer in Scotland.
    So I'll email the address you gave me now, and see what happens. If I may, I'll report back (hopefully to thank you very sincerely for a successful outcome!).
    Thanks again
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    dfaye reacted to adzman808 in My X-Pro2 Review.   
    Thank you very much, I tried to keep it light hearted, so it was a bit more readable.... I hope it helps people
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    dfaye got a reaction from adzman808 in My X-Pro2 Review.   
    Thanks, Adam: very helpful. I haven't yet downloaded C1E, but will do so soon, and it's great to have some clear, well-illustrated instructions to get me started.
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    dfaye reacted to adzman808 in My X-Pro2 Review.   
    For this week's article I've written a BASIC guide for using Capture One Express.   I continue to be pleased with this software, so I decided to document how I've been using it, in case it helps anyone else out there...   Fujifilm Capture One Express Guide: Part One Importing and Basic Editing   http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp2-one-hundred-thirty-eight/      
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    dfaye got a reaction from Duncaninfrance in Copyright   
    Set-up menu (wrench icon) > Save data set-up > Copyright info > Delete copyright info. Then enter your own author and copyright info.
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    dfaye got a reaction from Duncaninfrance in Copyright   
    Yes, I don't think it was available for the X-T1: it came in with the next generation of cameras. Certainly available on the X-E3.
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    dfaye reacted to Rosedalelad in X-E3 with XC 15-45   
    My sentiments entirely - I hesitated to buy the XC 15-45 PZ as some users were negative - however, I've been very pleasantly surprised by both the IQ and the power zoom - yes, I would have preferred a manual zoom but this lens is a lot better than my recent Sony RX100M3. When combined with the X-E3 it's a cracking lightweight combo.
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    dfaye got a reaction from spinneyhorse in XT 3 / Bluetooth is it constantly on?   
    On the most recent bluetooth-equipped Fuji X cameras (X-H1, X-E3 etc) you can certainly turn it off - there is a menu setting specifically for that purpose. I can't imagine that Fuji would change this for the X-T3. After all, not everyone wants or needs to have bluetooth on permanently, and it does eat into battery power.
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    dfaye reacted to Mike G in X-T2 Card Slot Selection   
    I’m pretty sure that if you press the playback button for a few seconds a dialogue should pop up allowing you to change slots!
    Press and hold the delete button simultaneously click the rear command dial and a dialogue box will open up offering you an option to change the card slots!
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    dfaye got a reaction from merlin in X-E3 with XC 15-45   
    I said I’d report back on my first few days with the X-E3/XC15-45 combo, and I’m delighted to say that it exceeds my expectations. I knew the camera would be excellent - I'd handled one in a store and had studied the manual online. It’s beautifully made, well-designed and light, and of course works perfectly with the full range of Fuji glass. I hadn’t been able to actually handle the little XC 15-45 PZ lens before buying, but it was so cheap when bought as part of a kit with the X-E3 that it seemed worth taking a risk (and reviews have generally been pretty favourable).
    In fact, this lens is really very good indeed! It’s very sharp at all focal lengths/apertures, focuses close, has a nice overall rendering (rather like the much more expensive XF18-55), and gives a nice smooth rendering to out-of-focus areas. Distortion seems very well controlled, even in RAW files taken at 15mm, and so far I haven’t detected any fringing, either. The power zoom is much better than I thought it would be; slower than manual zoom, of course, but easy to get used to. A key feature for me is that it “remembers” its focal length setting when the camera is turned off (the lens retracts, then returns to its previous setting when you turn the camera on again). It has a 52mm filter thread and works quite happily with a filter attached.
    This is a great combo for everyday carry, as an ultra-light travel set-up or, indeed, as backup for another camera/lens combination. I’ve spent today out in the countryside with my 80mm macro on my X-H1 and with the little X-E3/15-45 combo in the bag in case I needed some wider-angle shots: so much easier than changing lenses in a dusty field - and so much lighter than bringing my X-Pro2 along as the second camera! All in all, then, I'm very glad I made the purchase - and I think the kit price for the combo is a real bargain. (And maybe, now that the X-T3 is taking all the limelight, the price might come down even further!)
    Just my few thoughts.
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    dfaye got a reaction from merlin in X-E3 with XC 15-45   
    My thinking exactly. I ordered this combo a few hours ago - should arrive tomorrow, and I'll post my first impressions soon after that. (I'm not a fan of power zooms, but the little 15-45 was so cheap as a kit zoom it seemed silly not to try it, and I've got a decent collection of other Fuji glass I can use if I don't like it.) Meantime, I too would like to hear of other users' experiences with this combo.
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    dfaye reacted to Splodger in Vacation in Ireland. Small Bag Big Dilemma   
    Off on my hols in two weeks time. Going to Ireland for 10 days with the wife. I plan to travel very light so I'm going to use my trusty Domke F-5 XB bag. It is not a big bag: 10.5 x 4.5 x 6.5" / 26.7 x 11.5 x 16.5 cm. I can stuff in my X-T2 and all my lenses: Samyang 12mm f2, XF 23/35/50 f2 and Samyang 85mm f2. Everything fits snug excluding the hoods for the Samyangs, which I don't care about. The Problem is it's really snug. Not only do I have to stack two of the smaller lenses, but it takes too much time and care getting the gear in and out of the bag. As I'm not prepared to purchase a zoom lens (no offense, just not my thing) I am going to have to go without one of the lenses. 
    So, bearing in mind that I would be prepared to stack one of the XFs on top of the 12mm, losing one lens will make the whole thing a lot roomier. Which lens would you ditch?

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    dfaye got a reaction from Splodger in Front and rear dials   
    Hi Kennuck, Not sure which camera you have, but you should find the answer towards the beginning of the manual in the section "Command dials". Pages 7-8 in the current X-T2 manual.
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    dfaye reacted to Sly in Global shutter sensors, the next "revolution" in photo technology?   
    Hi Bob123, 
    I am not a detector technolog, but I use and characterise detector for science application. So my comments are just reflection and gesses, not coming from a global shutter cmos expert. 
    1/ Apparently the technologie is there already https://news.panasonic.com/global/press/data/2018/02/en180214-2/en180214-2.html . 
    However the fact it is still not in current mirrorless camera means that the technology is not completely ready. When ? I have no idea. But it is getting more and more concrete. 
    2/ My guess is that it will depend on how good will work the global shutter. If it is working good enough so there is no light leek in any photographic condition, mechanical shutter should disappear. It is only a guess. 
    3/ The idea of using flash is that, the flash light is making the exposure on the subject, not the shutter speed. With mechanical shutter you have to flash after the shutter is fully open and before the shutter start to close otherwise you will see the shutter shadow on your image. The more you shorten your exposure, the more significant become the shutter time (the shutter-time/exposure-tim ratio increase).  The global shutter promise that this electronic shutter time is near zero so no more lag, but still your burst of light has to be synchronise to the exposure and as to be shorter or same time than the exposure if you want the photo subject to be expose by your flash only (and not shutter speed). It will still be a limiting factor. How fast they synchronise ? I have no idea :) 
    4/ c.f. limiting factor expose in 3/. I doubt they can synchronise flash and exposure at 1/8000th of a second (even with global shutter), so still HSS will be necessary in these cases. In HSS the photo subject exposure will be set by the flash burst and the exposure time  (and not flash burst only).
    I reached the limit of my knowledge to add concrete numbers to it. 
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    dfaye got a reaction from PeterL in EF-X8 Flash will not connect   
    Also, make sure you haven't enabled the electronic shutter: shutter setting should be MS only (not MS+ES, or ES).
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