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Hi girls and guys,


After shooting with an X100 series camera for 6 years now I thought it was time.


As of today I only own an X100F and solely shoot with the 23mm lens mounted on it. No WCL or TCL, just the lens on the X100F.


And to share and show how versatile this little camera can be, and that can be the original X100, the X100S, X100T and of course the X100F, I produced a short clip which you can watch on youtube.


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On 3/8/2017 at 12:58 PM, rokphish said:

Great job!


I'm not that brave to stick with one FL for now...

You know what they say about shooting with just one focal length:



Use your feet to zoom;

If your pictures aren't good enough, you are not close enough;

The absence of alternatives clears the mind;

Less equipment equals more pictures;

One lens means no missed photos because you were busy changing lenses;

Shooting with just one lens forces you to be more adaptable and resourceful;

Henri Cartier-Bresson did pretty well with one lens.


Good points - but I'm still not sure who "they" are, even after all these years...

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Since I bought my first x100T, later the F, I started to use my other camera stuff less and less. Today I exclusively use my X100F. My wishes for the X100V: WR, 2 card slots, USB-C, 100 ISO, 4K and may be once a crispier F 1.4 lens (+ WCL and TCL which I use a lot since I do from landscapes, street, travel doc. to nudes all with the X100F!). Sure and of course a fix of all the small quirks .... what we call model-care .... btw. LOVE THE LEAF SHUTTER!

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The X100 series changed my interest in photography (and created a monster).  I shoot digital exclusively with a X100F, digital infrared with a modified X100s and confess I use my iPhone for the rest, of digital. 


But the X100 series lead to the following film cameras:  Fuji 690 (Texas Leica) a giant X100 if you use your imagination, a Fuji 617 landscape camera and a Nikon S3 rangefinder camera.  Then I went on and on and have added a half-frame Canon and pulled my old Olympus OM-1 out of storage.  I even grabbed a 110 camera, a Pentax auto110.  

And before the X100 series, I was mainly shooting vacation pictures with a Fuji digital zoom.




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Well done Fujifilm! I'm very satisfied hearing about the new X100V. My key wishes became true! Sharper lens, better weather resistance and 4K video. I ordered it already! 

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