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  1. Thank you for words. One thing I did take notice to what you mention is being a non-professional or for online / social media work. That’s what I am. I am not a professional and will probably not take advantage of print. I am hoping to eventually gain some traction and take my photography into a professional career, but for now, everything I do is posted on social media. So you think the 50R is out of my league? Or not worth the value? The reasons why I would even consider this camera is the hopes of starting a career in photography. With that being said, I was advised to just go for it. I’m not the type to constantly upgrade my system. I like to just have 1 or 2 and use it until I have no use or I have surpassed it’s use. I don’t mind the size or weight (they do suck) but I’m used to carrying around a Canon EOS R with the 24-105 daily. The weight of the 50R and 50mm is very welcomed. I was considering the x100v but I love the 50R too much. But eventually I will still pick up the 50R, however if I pick up the 50R first, I’d probably won’t pick up the x100v since I already have the X100 OG. I have thought of going back to full frame since they’re more affordable and some can achieve the same look as a MFT, but I am in love with Fuji colours and Fuji does not have any full frame systems. I’ve owned Fuji’s; Canon; and Leica, and in my opinion Fuji trumps all for colour. Canon science is a close second. Hence why the 50R seems like the most perfect camera for me. In my opinion...
  2. Hello everyone! 👋🏻 I'm pleased to e-meet ye all. I've recently sold my Canon EOS R and Leica Q to return to Fuji. I currently own the X100 original but am looking for another body. I have always been in love with the 50R but it's been out of my price range, nor do I have any experiences with MFT. I've adopted the minimalistic lifestyle, therefore I've fallen in love with the idea of one lens, one camera. So I was dead set on the X100V and left the 50R as just a "dream camera"... until I found out the sale prices on the 50R and the 50mm (my dream set up for street). Even with the sale price, the 50R and the 50mm are still 3 times the price of a new X100V. But I am so in love with that medium format look. It's stunning. I am not a professional by any means, just a simple hobbyist. So for me to dish out 3x the price of the x100v is a tough pill to swallow. I don't need anything super fast. I don't mind the size of the 50R as I'm not one that goes around and snaps random shots of people (not that there is anything wrong with this style, it's just not what I am interested in), so I don't really need a small camera to be discreet. I live in Vietnam and have talked to the local street food vendors and majority of the consensus are they actually dislike street photographers with smaller cameras as it's quite creepy. Like a private investigator spying. They rather have the person with a bigger camera or any camera actually but just politely ask for the shot. Now I know this defeats the purpose of those street photographers that like to go out and shoot people like that, but to me, I understood their side and decided it is a bit odd actually. However, after hearing that, I'm not 100% sure I want the X100V anymore. Not that I am that type of photographer, but I just don't want to be pre-labelled. I've watched videos of the AF system on the 50R while using the 50mm and I am quite satisfied. Coming from the x100, the 50R AF speed is welcomed. Plus I've been exploring manual focus a lot recently with the x100 OG. I understand the 50R is larger than the X100V but I mostly wear a backpack daily anyways. The grip doesn't bother me as I have smaller hands and in fact the grip on the X100 is actually pretty decent and fits my hands. I only added the thumb hotshoe grip so I can get rid of straps. So employed during this pandemic, I start to wonder how much more worth the 50R is compared to the X100V? I'm not broke or in any serious financial situation, but the thought of spending 3x more than the X100V with an uncertain future is a bit nerve wreaking. But, this is the closet I've ever been to being able to purchase the 50R and the 50mm (which is the set up I'd like). So my question to all ye that have the 50R or used to have the 50R... if it were you, which would you purchase? I've thought of purchasing the V first and then come back for the 50R later on but I'm tired of buying gear. I will be the first to admit, I had a serious case of GAS but I've managed to kick that to the curb. I'd like to hear your thoughts, opinions, and reasons why you would go with either or system. Much love! I hope everyone out there is staying safe and have a great day! Phuc
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