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  2. I just checked mine, no setting available to disable the ring. So unfortunately it might be mechanical. Perhaps loose cable or something.
  3. Because it's like rolling/burst... When it happens to capture at the exact moment of its happening then it shows up. Sometimes it doesn't hit at the exact moment so it's fine. You could see it sometimes easier on TV, where you see a line of black lines rolling down. At some moment you don't see the black line at all.
  4. Yes, we could. I’m just giving (my own) account of one of the incidents happening around this error message. And as it happens the problem occurred with the 27 lens which front lens element protrudes when focussing so the use of thinner filter would block the movement. Not all Fuji lens does this. And I also said that I also read others have other problems with the same error message, some with the contact pins being dirty (clean the pins and the error disappeared), and some others which required the camera to be sent back. Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide.
  5. Like i said, probably due to thickness variance of said filters. More so with no name chinese made filters. I tried metal vented lens hood for the 18-55 and it vignettes on the wide end. After browsing, I found that some metal vented hood for it have vignette and some don’t. Just the matter of trying out which works and which don’t. Not the fault of Fuji. I also use adapted lenses. The adapters for these lenses also varied in thickness. I happened to bought one of the bad ones once. Made the focusing with the lens to be off. I bought another adapter and works fine with said lens. Again, not problem with Fuji.
  6. When I bought my X-T20, the package included the kit lens and 27mm. Upon inspection the 27mm had problem and I got it returned for exchange because they didn't have one in stock replace it right then. They loaned me their demo 27mm. When they couldn't fine the cap for the 27, they stuck a step down ring on it. A couple of days later I went to China for a three months trip. A week into the trip, after using the kit without problem, I took the 27 out for a spin. Within an hour that exact error message showed up. I turned off the camera and turned on again and shooting again. Few minutes later it showed up again. I turned off and on again. And few minutes later it showed up again. I then turned it off and went home. I was afraid that my new bought camera was faulty. And I couldn't do anything until I get back home. Still 2.5 months to go. Well, I then hit the web and found among them the problem caused by using a filter on the 27. Sure enough, after I took out the step down ring, no more error message with the 27, or any other lenses ever since. I guessed I was lucky that my problem with this particular error message was an easy one to fix. I also read that some use filter on their 27 just fine. Could be that the filter thickness varience that makes the difference. Some thinner, some thicker than others.
  7. At the end of last week article, the next page’s link (directing to this week article) is broken. It shows page not found error. Using the above posted link for this week article works fine.
  8. Please post more photos taken by the lens at your convenience. Thanks!
  9. It would look much cooler if it were all/full black...
  10. Unfortunately the timing was bad on you this time around. Be rest assured that if you were to take any other brands camera or lens should the unfortunate time calls you'd be in the same situation albeit different error message. Many would not carry one body and one lens only for important photo ops. This apply to all brands and all things too unfortunately.
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