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X-T2: Long Track Speed Skating

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From last weekend, taken at the Canada Cup Long Track Speed Skating competition in Québec City. 

Close to one hundred of the best skaters in Canada were in town for a three day event, the first races in a series of four this season. 

Shot with a X-T2 and the XF50-140mm with the XF1.4TC, AFC on zone (3x3 grid), on CH at 11 fps with the battery grip on boost.


I shot this event twice before, twice in 2015 with my T1..... and I got to say it,  I just love my T2  



PP in LR 6.7 and the Nik suite for all sharpening and Noise Reduction.


For those of you who would like to see more here is a link to the Flickr album: https://flic.kr/s/aHskHye7Vf














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It's many years ago that I have skated on natural ice ... I am jealous!



Very nice pictures as well.

Thanks Johant !


It is natural ice for sure but there is a heavy duty cooling system build under the ice ring, I guess they could get it to freeze right in the middle of summer if it was not for the energy cost !

There is a project here in town to build a new covered long track ice ring, with all the modern confort, it should be great for the athletes and the spectators.....but not so sure for us the photographers, I like the natural light on the outdoor ring !



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Hi Gilles,


When you shoot at 11fps, how do you feel the AF performs?  Does it generally keep focus?


Thanks!  Nice set of images!



Hi Kevin,


Thanks for the comment !


At 11fps the AFC did fine (above 90% in focus) as long as I kept the skater inside the 3x3 grid, I feel that the 11 fps on the T-2 + VPB grip (on boost) make it easier to follow a moving target through the EVF than the 8 fps on the T1.

I tried to keep the burst sequence as short as possible, usually from 4 to 6 frames, just  enough to get the full sequence of mouvement from the skaters.


I tried most of the AFC settings during this 3 days event and settled on the custom one, here's the value I used: 

Tracking Sensitivity: 3

Speed Tracking Sensitivity: 1

Zone Area Switching: Front


Hope it helps !



Here is an example with 3 pics, they are not consecutive but from the same long sequence of a total of 15 pics:

CC No1  #79 by Gilles Baribeau, on Flickr

CC No1  #34 by Gilles Baribeau, on Flickr

CC No1  #32 by Gilles Baribeau, on Flickr

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