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  1. To update this post yes my son did get a X-M1and the 16-50mm lens. He has enjoyed it for over 1.5 years now. He is now 10 going on 11 and still enjoying it. We have had to replace the lens as the old one died, but he is still enjoying the camera. His pictures can be seen at http://www.jacksonlpollock.com
  2. I reviewed the len from some youtubersand reviewed what everyone said here as well... I ordered the 10-24mm and will shelf the 80mm until maybe next Fall. I did here that with my 16mm I can get as close as 6 inches which isn't macro but would allow me to get some nice woodland floor shots. Thanks everyone for your help.
  3. Sounds like I need to investagate the 10-24 and shelf getting the 80mm...the plus side is I think right now the 10-24 is on sale at Adorama and B&H.
  4. Just throwing this out here for suggestions or insights. I use a X-T2 and currently have a 16mm (as well as other lenses)...I am starting to hike and shoot landscapes mostly of meadows, waterfalls, and occasionally the Smoky mountains. I am a hobbyist who makes enough from photography jobs to pay for my gear and right now I am trying to decide between the new 80mm for macro shots or get the 10-24mm. My question is since I have the 16mm is that enough for landscape (for longer shots I also have the 55-200) or do I need to also get the 10-24mm? I will be shooting more landscapes than macro but if the 16mm will perform what I plan to shoot then I would rather spend my money on the 80mm for taking macro shots on my hiking trips.
  5. I am thinking of shooting a time lapse of the eclipse with my X-T2 and 16mm …what I am worried about is even though I will have a solar filter on the lens what is the potential of damaging the sensor? On A DSLR the only time the sensor would be exposed is during a shot but as we all know the sensor on the X-T2 would be exposed the entire time I was shooting a time lapse which in this case will be for about 2 hours. I might just shoot it with my Canon 5D Mark III and the 16-35mm to be safe. Any thoughts on the subject?
  6. http://www.fujirumors.com/nissin-air10s-wireless-ttl-commander-fujifilm-cameras-pre-order-available/ I have simple needs in using flashes... TTL / HSS. I already have i60a (and getting a second one) and the Air 1. What does the new Air 10s do that my Air 1 doesn't do?
  7. I already have Lee ND filters so I'm leaning towards their landscape slim polariser, but didn't know what others are using...
  8. I'll go check them out...I've never heard of this company.
  9. Enjoying my X-T2 and currently have the 16mm, 23mm, 16-55mm, 90mm lens. I have never used a polariser and would like to know what would be a good choice for a circular polariser.
  10. I'll look into that when it gets here... of course buying on ebay is always a little scary for me...but hopefully the unit is as advertised ...I'll update next week when the camera gets here.
  11. After speaking to the seller of a used X-M1 and seeing pictures of the camera and lens, I was able to win a used X-M1 with 16-55mm lens for 275... He should enjoy it and of course being the concerned father that I am.... I'll have to test it out until Christmas (and even after Christmas) to make sure it works well. and to Hermelin, he was already using a old Olympus camera this year and enjoyed taking pictures and shooting video (of his hot wheels) so I think this will be a good investment. Thank you to everyone that gave suggestions it was really helpful.
  12. Looking at a used X-M1 that incudes lens on ebay..placed a bid. If anyone else has a suggestion I have 14 hours to cancel my bid.
  13. My son wants a digital camera to start taking pictures and I would love for it to be a Fuji ...the question is... Money... Can I get a decent camera for a 9 year old that's less than say $350.00 or am I going to have to get a different brand of point and shoot to meet that price point. I'm new to the Fuji system myself as I only got the X-T2 when it first came out (along with the 16mm, 16-55mm, 90mm), but loving it. The XQ2 looked promising but I see it's discontinued and I think I can only buy it from ebay (Hong Kong or Japan) Any suggestions?
  14. Dumb question but I'm a newbie with the any x system..on the vertical grip what is the switch dial on the shutter button...it looks like a power switch with the white dot and then it has a setting of lock...is that a power switch?
  15. That's what I needed to hear was people who have these types of bags and carry the X-T1 or T2 with the grip attached.
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