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Video shot with XT2


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Here's a video I shot with the XT2 and 16-55mm lens. I shot 4k and cropped down to HD to get the pans and camera moves.
One thing that I noticed was the lack of dynamic range especially in the highlights. I can normally pull detail back into the blacks and highlights with other cameras but I cannot do this with the T2. Hopefully this can be fixed with future firmware updates. 



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Video looks very good to me.  Both the shooting and editing.


I have read that some will 'flatten' the dynamic range a bit by changing the highlight and shadow settings of the profile they use so that there is more wiggle room in post.  I think there may be a few YouTube vid's of people showing the results of doing that.

Also, there is a rumor that the new firmware coming out will help with dynamic range in video.

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I wonder how much more you get with 4:2:2 output via HDMI to an external recorder.  There was only one shot where the highlight was noticeable.  


This is what excites me about 4k video.  Not for final distribution.  But you can add production value of pans and pushes, with a fixed camera position.  You did that very well in this video.  

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Drop shadows and highlights to -2. There's room to lift the shadows.


As mentioned you made great use of 4k. I use it for 3-4 camera angles with one single talking head shot, I shoot a little wide and punch in for a tighter shot and zoom/pan as well.


Not a kidney bean fan cause the skin is really thick - I use black, red and pinto beans in my chili. Still looks good.

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