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  1. Lenses almost always beat bodies. I went with an X-T1, because I don't have the lenses yet. Once the lenses I need are in place, I may go with the X-T2. I will most likely wait till there are good used ones for a lesser price. I would love to have a little faster focus, but only place I've seen this is trying to get the limited depth of field shots of pets looking up. Sometimes, I'm 1/4 second too slow with the whole process. Not sure if the X-T2 would help or not.
  2. Wrench 1 Menu -> SCREEN SET-UP -> IMAGE DISP. Change from OFF to 0.5 SEC, 1.5 SEC or CONTINUOUS. With any mode other than OFF, you can tap the shutter to close early. So less than 0.5 or 1.5 seconds, or sooner than forever with CONTINUOUS.
  3. I don't know if a 16.3 MP X-Trans-III would beat the D500 20 MP sensor. But it would be good. However, Fuji needs to work with what silicon is available. I'm not sure they had a choice. Is there a newer technology 16 MP sensor available?
  4. . I don't think I've ever seen a reporter holding a scrim on herself.
  5. From the reviews I've seen, it seems like the 50-140 with a TC on it is about as sharp as the 55-200. So you could start there and have a lighter kit. Put the extra into the 100-400.
  6. Lock your 18-55 at 35mm and go shoot. Then lock at 23mm and shoot. Then lock at 18mm. Or 27mm. Get a feel for what focal range you like best.
  7. I saw it counting down to zero, I thought. It has been a few weeks. So I assumed it would stop.
  8. I've been frustrated by the 999 and never seen the 1999. Seems like it would be very easy to have Fuji implement a "---" mode that just shoots until you stop it. I wound up getting a $20 remote to get this done.
  9. I went with the 60mm f/2.4 because of that reason. f/2.8 is usually low enough DoF. The disadvantage is the focus speed of the 60. If the 50mm is closer to the 35mm f/2 in speed and weather sealing, it will be a great lens for portraits.
  10. I wonder how much more you get with 4:2:2 output via HDMI to an external recorder. There was only one shot where the highlight was noticeable. This is what excites me about 4k video. Not for final distribution. But you can add production value of pans and pushes, with a fixed camera position. You did that very well in this video.
  11. 18-55mm is F3.4 at 35mm vs F2 of the fixed. Personally, I find that I need to shoot with primes at times to challenge me in composition and to not get lazy. I shoot to long and want to shoot wider. So not having that 55mm option is just something to force myself to 35mm.
  12. Was it discounted with the Fuji sale? If so, then you get to wait 3 months until they do that again.
  13. Hopefully, this would be easy to turn off. Sometimes you just want to blow out the background. I'd love metering like on the Nikon 810 that is setup so that you expose to the right as much as possible without blowing out highlights. This gives you the maximum data.
  14. You can make it work with aperture, but many people want to keep the limited DoF. You can't do that without ND filters in very bright light.
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