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  1. So far. . .nothing. The updates for the XT-1 and Pro2 are posted though.
  2. Hello everyone. My name is Noah, and I am in the US (CO). Long time Canon shooter who said I would never switch to mirrorless, mostly due to the EVF. Well, now I'm a convert thanks to the X-T2! I am seriously invested in Canon glass, so it will take some time to make the full conversion to Fuji but, I'm excited for the change!
  3. DSCF1530 by Noah, on Flickr DSCF1424-Edit by Noah, on Flickr
  4. Has anyone come across an L bracket for use with the grip?
  5. Don't see an update on the US site either. Got me all excited.
  6. I was going through the same issue. I walked into a small local camera shop a few weeks back, and they had just one sitting in the case. A Fuji rep came by and gave them 3 a few days earlier. Not sure how I got so lucky. . .I'm never lucky!
  7. For me, it was few times just going through the menu and setting up the camera. Twice while taking random photos, and twice while playing with the app and wifi.
  8. Just made the switch from Canon this week. I shoot a lot of Macro, and hope this "rumored" macro comes to light!
  9. I just made the switch to Fuji the other day. Loving the X-T2 thus far but, I was saddened by numerous freezes already. Each time required a battery pull.
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