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Hi all, newbie here. 

So i have an XT10 with 18-55 XF lens and a 55-200 xf lens. I NEVER use the 55-200 lens and was wondering what i could exchange it for. Iam mainly into street photography. 

My issue is that i have this new lens used a couple of times that is just wasted on the shelf. I find the lens too big for the body and not versatile enough for the street. 


Would love some advice. Should i sell both lenses in exchange for one or sell the 55-200 and get something else? 


Thanks in advance 

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Before you ask this question, you need to identify what do you want to take pictures of? Indoor, outdoor, sports, family, travel, landscape, etc.? Street photographers normally stick to 1 focal length, weather resistant lens, such as a 23mm or 35mm. The f2 versions are plenty fast enough for the amateur shooter. I use an 18-135mm lens for travel as it does it all, but at the cost of higher f stops. I use my 23mm f2 for lots of casual shooting and it is fast enough for indoor shots. I do lots of sports shooting of my grandsons and splurged on a 100-400mm lens that takes great shots from the sidelines. 

Once you decide on what you want to shoot, then look for the lens that works best for you.

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9 hours ago, DaveX said:


If your into street photography might I suggest the 27mm.

Paired with the XT10 this would make quite a discrete setup, and the lens is not expensive.

I agree, it's a great little chuck of glass. Love the 40 perspective for many genres, all of which I just call 'Photography' (I have a things against the 'street' moniker) 

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I'll second the recommendation on the 27mm F2.8 for street, that lens lives on my XT30. Two other lenses that I use on the street are, the TTartisans 50mm F1.2 and the Rockinon 12mm F2.0. Note both of these lenses are manual focus, that doesn't bother me as even on the 27 I usually zone focus.

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If you want a slightly wider angle (than the 27mm recommended above), you may also consider the XF18mm F2. It is very discrete, and great for street photography, especially in more confined situations where a wide angle is useful. 

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