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  1. The 10-24mm f4 is a fantastic lens, I've owned both versions, and is very versatile with architecture. Another option would be either the Viltrox 13mm f1.4, or the Samyang 12mm f2, as it would give a fast lens in your set.
  2. A three lens wish list for 2022, what I'd like/love Fuji to release next year. 1 - An ultra wide angle lens, something around 12mm f1.4 and WR and a similar size to the new 18/33mm f1.4 lens, that would be great for astro photography. 2 - Update the 60mm, faster AF, WR, keep the 1:2 ratio (I know its no true macro, but it still takes good closeups), and it sets it apart from the 80mm. 3 - Lastly, 50-140mm f4 lens, smaller and lighter than the excellent f2.8 version, a great lens for landscape etc. There it is, would love to hear everyone else's suggestions, and, if your watching Fuji, my cheque books ready
  3. Sorry to steal your thunder, but an even more Fuji-centric website for Fuji lenses is fujixsystem.blogspot.com Anymore additional information or sites would be great.
  4. Wex photo always seem to give an honest valuation. Sorry now I've read it properly, your in Italy not the UK
  5. I originally came from canon cameras, that had the same articulating screens, and i hated them. They are useless in windy land/seascape situations, where they effectively double the profile of the body, causing camera shake. While it would be nice if Fuji could produce bodies with either an articulating or hinged rear screen, its probably very impractical, and expensive. Unfortunately video vloggers make the most noise, so the rest of use have to put up with it, or find another manufacturer that doesn't use these type of screens. I've been using Fujiflm ever since i purchased a X-T1 in 2014, if i have to upgrade my T2, it properly wont be Fuji.
  6. I've had my 70-300 about 5 days, and im very impressed (enough to sell my 55-200). Used it with both converters at 300mm, and i found the 2x very difficult to hold steady, the 1.4x is a lot easier, but even the IS and OIS miss a few shots. There is definitely a minimal loss in quality with both converters, as to be expected. I think using it with the 1.4x is a great option to have, but the 100-400 would be a better.
  7. Herco, many thanks. The reasoning behind the original AS l-bracket is the fact i can remove the L part and leave the bottom plate in place. I already own the Smallrig bracket and find it to bulky in my small camera bag insert. I have tried other brackets, the 3LT slips with larger lens and the Neewer (purchased on amazon) was utter crap. Again many thanks
  8. Be patient, the market is about to be flooded with 2nd hand mark 1s. Bargains to be had i think.
  9. Hi all could anybody please tell me if the arca-swiss universal l-bracket will fit the XH1 without obstructing the battery cover. Thanks in advance.
  10. The X-H1 is a fantastic camera, and a piece of kit you will grow into. Remember you don't have to adjust all of the menu settings, just the ones you require. I was once told, find the camera you want, then buy the model up, then you won't outgrow the camera that quickly. I originally paid 4 figures for mine, and just bought another for half that, your getting a bargain.
  11. I doubt it, as far as Fuji is concerned the H1 is dead, toes up, lifeless, it is an ex camera.
  12. Wow, this is what I have been thinking for sometime. The earlier cameras were photography tool's, mostly everything in front of you, cameras for taking photos. Unfortunately I don't believe there will be a H2 as they have ignored the H1 after taking people's hard earned money. It's a shame my love affair with Fuji is fading.
  13. If you don't want video don't use it. Personally I was looking forward to the xt4, smaller than the xh1 and with IBIS. BUt now that the metering switch has been lost, along with the new screen, I don't think I will bother. And as for you two above, isn't the point of forums to have debate, not character assassination
  14. personally i would add the 14mm2.8 to the 18/55mm 2.8/4. what more would you need.
  15. This Ring Step-Down allows you to use 72mm threaded filters on a 77mm threaded lens this is the quoted text, from the amazon ad. you need to be able to fit a 77mm filter on a 72mm threaded lens.
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