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  1. WR - and while there doing that include the 23 1.4
  2. I own and use both. Both give very similar results photographically, but the T2 is smaller and lighter, which is good for travel, and the cable thread is good in bad weather. When weight is not an issue, the H1 with the 16/55 is an amazing combination. Regrets, none, wouldn't part with either.
  3. When i first picked up the X-H1 a year ago i wasnt very inpressed. Recently picked it up again in my local camera shop, and had a change of opinion, so much so, i purchased one. Used it at a race track with the 100-400, wow so much nicer than my X-T2 with the bigger lens. IBIS is great on the track, compact is great on the street or travel, two fantastic cameras from Fuji. Looking forward to trying the new 16-80 with both.
  4. I think you now know which lens you will buy next. I use both on my X-E3, mostly the 23mm. I personally think the softness on the 23mm is a little over exaggerated.
  5. Go back through your photos and see what focal length you are using most, this will give you a good idea of what you are taking. There must be a good reason you are asking this question, do you want a wider or narrower field of view? Personally I use the 23mm and 56mm lenses. Like Jürgen has said, it's all subjective.
  6. Just had the same problem, many thanks dfaye. Just proves that this site is good for answering qustions.
  7. Announcement from photokina, a really good suggestion for a new lens A further announcement from Panasonic was for its existing Micro Four Third system, where it will be producing a 10-25mm (35mm camera equivalent: 20-50mm) F1.7 Wide Zoom Lens. This will be the world’s first zoom lens to have this ultra-fast constant aperture. Please Fuji, this would be an awesome addition.
  8. Personally I'd leave the 35mm at home, but I do agree with the last comment about the weather sealed lens. The three f2 lens wouldn't need a bag, one on the camera, and one in each pocket.
  9. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about, Panasonic/Leica make a 12-60mm (24-120mm in 35mm) that is f2.8/4.0, and people are getting excited about a f4,0 only lens. Even up scaling from MFT to APS-C this still looks a sizable lens. Why not make something that is better than the opposition, say a constant f3.5. Come on Fuji make a statement.
  10. I would suggest 3 lens, that I use myself. 50-140 f2.8 trackside or on bridges 16 f1.4 for when you are up close. 90 f2 trackside and saving weight All weather resistant, all fast, and all about the best Fuji make.
  11. Many thanks for this explanation, I thought I was going mad when I experienced this problem
  12. I have used the 55-200, and it is a great lens, and would complement your 18-55 very well. You mention the 16, but why not consider the 14, which is an amazing lens, as well as being noticeably wider than the 18-55 you already have, and cheaper.
  13. I've just been through the same dilemma. I don't think there is a wrong answer to this, other the looks, and maybe what you already use. In the end I chose the X-T2, because it was slightly cheaper, and the similarity with the X-T1. I will say it was a close run thing, if I went back into the shop again it might be the X-PRO. I don't think you will regret buying either.
  14. Yes I had it repaired by Fuji UK. After a bit of a fight. The only issue I've had with a Fuji body, a bit disappointing as I had a Canon for years that never did anything like this.
  15. I still stand by my comment about the f2.0 lens. Fuji have built a fantastic reputation with its original glass, that I can not understand its fixation with the new f2's, other than showing up a design flaw with the X-Pro's. The 14/23/56mm etc lens are by no means, that big or heavy, or that slow to focus, just needing a little tweak here and there.
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