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  1. I have the 18-135 lens with and XT-2. As a walk around travel lens, it hits all the basis. Maybe not the fastest lens, but for a walk around travel lens, I would have a hard time beating it. The 18mm is wide enough for most situations, and the 135 comes in handy for many situations. A 16-80 would also be a great lens, and f/4 isn't too bad. I shoot a lot of sports with my grandsons in Lacrosse and live with the 100-400, but that is probably way too much glass on an XE3. Traveling in old cities or for landscape work, the 10-24 is great also. Good luck on a choice. You can rent a lens for awhile and try it out to see if it works for you also.
  2. I use this lens on my X-T2 as a good "walk-around" lens with it's wide range. Certainly have had no complaints on picture quality, and the weather resistant and OIS is great for this. Not sure how it would stand up to picture quality requirements for shooting a commercial. The 50-140 might be a higher quality choice in a zoom. How long do you need to get?
  3. I have both the 23 and 35 f/2 lens, and while I like them both, for travel, I don't think there is enough difference to make these your only 2 lens. For travel, I find my 18-135 to be the most flexible/useable lens for whatever situation you find yourself in. The 18-135 is weather sealed and IOS, adding to the versatility whenever you are out and about.
  4. I think that it may depend on the sport you are photographing. I shoot my grandsons playing Lacrosse and use the Fuji 100-400 and feel I need all that reach. With sports like football and lacrosse, soccer, the sport is very fast and moves up and down the field. For these, I usually just plant myself at the 50yd line and shoot a way, using all the 400 mm whenever the play is at a distant corner. The 100-400 is too much sometimes as the players run right in front of you, and with the kids games, the team meets in the middle of the field after the game to shake hands and hand out Player of the game awards. He, I quickly change over to my 18-135 to catch those times, although now, I picked up an X-A3 for the wider lens, so I don't have to change lens out in the open with wind or rain.
  5. I had a similar issue with my X-T2 and the Battery grip. What I found is that the shutter release on the battery grip is hair trigger sensitive. My hand grip was touching the release button and firing the camera. Now, whenever I am in landscape mode, I lock the battery release button to prevent the mis-fires. See if this applies to you. Good Luck
  6. I love my 10-24 for travel pics, particularly in cities where you need a wide angle to catch scenes with little room to back up. Takes great pictures. Also, the 18-135 is a great all around choice. Recently have been getting into primes and bought both the 23 & 35 f2. Love the small size. I find I use the 23 most of the time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I am shooting football games of my grandsons. Shooting an X-T2 with 100-400 lens, with continuous focusing, CL shooting, and boost mode on. I take about 1600-2000 shots in a day and go thru 3-4 batteries, only one is OEM. I only use the EVF, so the LCD screen is not on too often. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Yes, the X-T2 does go thru batteries, but with the vertical battery grip, you can easily get 1000 shots with the on-board batteries. I shoot about 1600 shots at sporting events on a Saturday and wear a BlackRapid strap with an auxiliary pouch with 2 additional batteries. The cheap knock offs on eBay or Amazon work fine at a much lower cost than the Fuji’s. I don’t take a lot of very low light shots, but those I do have not been a problem. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. I sold my 55-200 and got the 100-400. I shoot my grandkids playing football and Lacrosse here in the Pacific Northwest, so the WR was really important for me. (lots of rain in Seattle!) Fantastic pics on my X-T2. I have become the team photographer. I shoot at 1/500th, F10-11, and let the ISO float. Using LR on the RAW images give me lots of pixels to crop to the action I want. The pics get uploaded to a Shutterfly site for all the parents to see.
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