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  1. I have this same problem with same equipment. Would love to hear/see an answer to this also.
  2. I bought the Lexar 128Gb cards you mention for my X-T4 as the first cards for the camera. No problems so far with stills or video.
  3. Exactly what I was going to suggest. Stay with the Nikon system. Good move.
  4. I switched from Nikon also. All of these gear choices are very good. You may want to consider the 16-55mm f2.8 lens in place of the 16 f1.4. That way you have more focal lengths to use up to the 55-200mm that you would be missing with only the 16 f1.4. I have both of those lenses now but when I first switched, the first lens I bought was the 16-55mm. Absolutely great sharp quick lens. It is my go to lens. You would have all the focal lengths from 16 -200 with both of those lenses and not be missing the ones from 16 to 55. Think about that.
  5. Just bought the 23mm f2 lens with enthusiasm for some great shots only to be let down by every image having a hazy look to them. Has anyone else experienced this? I may have a faulty lens but I was surprised at this since every other lens from Fuji I've tried and own is tack sharp. Returning this one for sure but curious if anyone else has seen this.
  6. I did have a similar problem with my X-T3 and a rented 90mm f2 lens. I've never had it with my other lenses. I believe, without proof, that the contact connections on lens to camera was at fault. I didn't have the problem after that with any of me lenses. When I returned the lens to rental, Fuji rep couldn't help with the problem either.
  7. I have both the X-T2 and the X-T3 and I find myself going to the X-T2 more often. Not sure why but it's something I've noticed that I do. I like the X-T3 but love the X-T2. It's seems maybe simpler. I just thought if I gave that info it may help a little to make your decision.
  8. Does anyone else have an issue with having to format a second slot media card by going BACK to User Setting>Format>choose slot 2? Maybe Fuji could make it easier to navigate to format window without having to go BACK to User Setting the second time for the second slot formatting. Any thoughts?
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