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Lens Adapters

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I have just ordered the GFX 100s. I will be using some Pentax 67 lenses and need an adapter. I understand the basic ideas around adapters, with the standard extensiontube-esque versions and the optical reducer versions. 

My question really is, which brand! I read that the Kipon optical reducer (or Baveyes as they call it) often produces bright spots in the middle, but this would not be an issue with the standard version adapter.

Would be great to hear if anyone has used any of the adapters. Also, being based in the UK, it seems very difficult to get hold of them here, so any UK advice on that would be great. From research so far it seems that the following are more or less reliable brands:
• Kipon
• Novoflex
• Fotodiox

(Metabones don't seem to do a Pentax 67 –> GFX adapter)

Would appreciate guidance on the above.



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Hi, I only can speak of the Kippon 645 with focal reducer. It states in their website that it corrects some of the issues with adapted 645 lenses.

I do not know if this is true or not but I can say that I am happy with the results and that I would recomend it.

I attached some samples with me pushing the lenses to wide open which in theory should make for the worst performance

problems with focus are human error  probably




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