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Fuji 70-420mm lens


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I recently saw on eBay a lens described as a Fujifilm Fuji FX X-Mount DSLR Fit 70mm 210mm 420mm Zoom Lens. There were only 2 days left to the end of the auction so I thought I'd bide my time - only to find that the seller had accepted the (very low) starting price and closed the auction about 2 hours later. I'm cursing myself! However, I can find no trace of such a lens anywhere across the whole of the internet. 

Anybody here know anything about this lens? Did I miss a bargain?



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I bet it was a bad description of a non-Fuji lens in a Fuji X mount version.

Any clue what was with the three focal lengths listed? Zooms are normally known by their min and max focal lengths.

There was a thing decades ago, lenses that had multiple focal lengths but not continuously adjustable. You'd set the lens to one of several choices. Supposedly it was easier to design the optics for good performance at just several focal lengths and not the whole range (which does make some sense). Any chance it could have been one of these?

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