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The next lens after the kit one (18-55)


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I'm new to Fujifilm cameras, there's also a ff Nikon, but I wanted to test a cropped sensor, so a couple of months ago I became the lucky owner of the XT-3. The 18-55 kit lens wasn't enough for me anymore, so I wanna try something else. Rn I don't have a big budget, so I'm looking at adapting lenses.
Сonditions of use: reportage shooting, street photography, also I need a portrait lens. All lenses will be used at commercial work (I`m journalist), so only fast-autofocus lenses are needed.
For now, in addition to the kit lens, I'm looking at:
Viltrox 56mm f/1.4.
TTartisan 27mm f/2.8

It would also be nice to find a telezoom, but as far as I know, there are no good non-native ones on the X-mount (and yes, I don't like how ff-lenses work with an adapter)

So, your thoughts? Thank y`all in advance

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In what way does the 18-55 fail your needs? Focal length? Image quality? Focus speed? Weight? Weather seal?

For your journalism work, are you more inclined to try zooms or primes? For portrait work, the Viltrox 56mm f1.2 seems to me to be a credible choice. Among Fujifilm zoom lenses, I am a big fan of of the XF18-135. It's a little large and heavy, but I really admire the image quality. Two clues in your post suggest to me you may looking for a longer focal length. Is this the case?

I am not a professional, much less a photojournalist, but after coming to Fujifilm after 40 years of Nikon, weight suddenly became very noticeable for me. I use 4 XC lenses, and not for the lower cost, but for the much lower weight. I have focal lengths from 15mm to 230mm, and a prime. My XF18-55 now lives in a storage box. I'd like to try out the 56mm Viltrox myself, but I get satisfactory portraits from the XC50-230. Again, not a pro.

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2 hours ago, itchy shutter finger said:

Чем 18-55 вам не подходит? Фокусное расстояние? Качество изображения? Скорость фокусировки? Масса? Погодное уплотнение?

Что касается вашей журналистской работы, вы больше склонны использовать зумы или простые числа? Для портретной работы Viltrox 56mm f1.2 кажется мне надежным выбором. Среди зум-объективов Fujifilm я большой поклонник XF18-135. Он немного большой и тяжелый, но я действительно восхищаюсь качеством изображения. Две подсказки в вашем посте подсказывают мне, что вы, возможно, ищете более длинное фокусное расстояние. Так ли это?

Я не профессионал и уж тем более не фотожурналист, но после прихода в Fujifilm после 40 лет Nikon для меня вдруг стал очень заметен вес. Я использую объективы 4 XC, и не из-за более низкой стоимости, а из-за гораздо меньшего веса. У меня есть фокусные расстояния от 15мм до 230мм и прайм. Мой XF18-55 теперь живет в ящике для хранения. Я хотел бы сам попробовать 56-мм Viltrox, но я получаю удовлетворительные портреты с XC50-230. Опять же, не профи.

Thank you for your reply.
Is there a Viltrox f/1.2? I thought there was only a 1.4 on the X mount. 
As for the TTartizan - 27mm f/2.8 is a pancake with less than 100 grams, which I think would be a great reportage lens (anyway, I once tried shooting one protest with a Canon 40mm - the longshot came out razor sharp). I've read that the Fujinon will be better then artisan, but disproportionately priced.
If I need a telezoom while working, I still take a Nikon with me. Yes, it's noticeably heavier to carry such a kit, but it's the only option for now.
I'm in no hurry to close all my lens niches on Fujifilm yet, I don't know if I'll be using it for photography all the time. But if we're still talking about telezooms - perhaps it would be better to buy a 55-200 (if I have 18-55), because it`s identical in price to the 18-135?

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On a budget, hard to imagine to a better portrait focal length than the Fuji 50mm F2.  Its still sharp wide open so consider if you need something faster.  If you had that FL covered, then possibly the 70-300 zoom would suit you if you need more reach.  The 55-200 is great, but best in the 55-150 range, it falls off a little at max zoom.  I don't think there is a truly bad lens in the Fuji lineup so go with the FL's that work for you.

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