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  1. Do they appear overexposed visually, or does editing software measure them as overexposed?
  2. As I watch update after update and new model after new model, I wonder the same thing. I also wonder how driven I might be to buy such a new model. I get excited at all the new announcements, but as they occur, I realize two things: first, much of the new improvements are already in the X-E3*; and second, I don't need any of those new features. I like my X-E3 just as it is, except for a missing quick menu option that annoys me. * = well, that was true for awhile for firmware items, but many of the new hardware features are pretty amazing. As for what an X-E4 might be, all I can think of is the is the higher power sensor/processor for better autofocus and video. Anything more, and they will crossing over into more premium models that already exist. I'm thinking of another body for family members to use, but if I had an X-E3 and X-E_something_else to choose from, I would likely select the X-E3 again, maybe in black this time.
  3. Do the X-Pro trigger and the V1 flash have the same pin arrangements?
  4. Just a really wild guess here, but have you been playing with large indicators? If so, try changing back to small indicators and turn the camera off, then back on. Perhaps even try a firmware reset.
  5. Good luck figuring that out. I've been bragging for six months how the X-E3 checks all my boxes, and I seek no other Fuji body style. Then the X100V showed up. This will be even harder for you since the X100V gets so close to the X-Pro3. At the end of the day, the difference, besides the obvious lens situation, is right in the name - X-PRO3. This camera has pro features, and is made tough enough for hard core pro use. Titanium is an order of magnitude tougher metal than aluminum. Then there is the dual card slots. I generally regard weather sealing a pro feature, and then the X100V came along and said "hold my beer - no, wait, SPILL my beer!" But there is a siren call of some sort coming from the X100V.
  6. cup4sharks - Have you worked any on shooting technique to minimize the hand shake? I learned a very long time ago that deep breath-exhale-hold-SHOOT is a technique that worked well for me at photography, shooting firearms, shooting bow and arrow, bowling, and even hammering nails. I just turned 66, and I can you with certainty I am not as steady as I once was, but I can still shoot 1/30 without OIS using this technique. My wife has the same issue as you - she has never been able to shoot a clear photo, and this is working for her now. I don't have a Fuji body with IBIS, but I have three lenses with OIS, and the extra latitude for still shots is significant. I don't shoot video, so I can't comment on that.
  7. This may be a long shot, but do you still get the noise with the lens in manual focus mode? I've heard of the sound of the autofocus motors getting picked up by microphones.
  8. Hmmmm........the vendor website you link says these are safe on non-coated glass. Nearly all photo lenses are coated. Also take note that the towelettes are made of paper, which is probably the reason for the warning about lens coating. Safety eyewear is usually hardened, and therefore compatible with this product, but I did in fact damage the coating on a pair of safety glasses using this very product. The coating took on a mottled appearance after a while. I know a lot of credible photographers use similar products, but I am reticent to use them on photo lenses. The materials I use to clean photo lenses are not expensive - isopropyl alcohol and cotton Q-tips. I imagine you could also use clean cotton cloth instead of Q-tips, but I find the Q-tips to work pretty efficiently.
  9. The photographer has a style that seems a little obtrusive in the quest for candor. Knowing the value the Japanese culture places on respect, I think Fujifilm leaned to the side of caution. Good business judgment, in my opinion. That said, it's been 24 hours since the X100V, and I still have chills and shakes. And my voice is trembling. Gotta have one. In black. Not until April. DOH!
  10. Is the camera in manual mode? Is HSS turned off on both the camera menu and the flash menu? Is the firmare up to date? I recall one of the X-T2 updates improved radio flash control. Is the flash trigger firmware up to date? It occurs to me that when the flash is in HSS, it is expecting to flash at lower power multiple times....I don't know why this would affect only one camera, but I'm still thinking...........
  11. WOW! I stand corrected BIG TIME! jerryy is absolutely right, and I apologize for the errant information. I will be more careful of any future assumptions. Furthermore, I checked the supplied accessories of a few other cameras, and the X-T30, X-T3, and X-PRO3 are all different in their charging accessories.
  12. Ouch, that's unfortunate you didn't get the charger with the camera. Yes, all Fujifilm cameras come with an external charger. As far as I know, all the Fujifilm OEM external chargers in the US are supplied with 120VAC only. The model at B&H you linked is the same model supplied with my X-E3. It is indeed 120 VAC only. My aftermarket charger is USB powered, and comes with a 12V cigarette lighter adapter, as well as a 120VAC adapter. My preferred method of powering that charger is USB from my computer. Risk mitigation.
  13. Some possibilities: Are you in Auto Mode? Is there enough light to autofocus? Is Face/Eye detection on? Is your performance setting in wrench menu set to High Performance?
  14. You didn't mention which lenses you use, so bergat is correct about setting the aperture on the lens, if you use XF lenses. For XC lenses (no aperture ring), you set the aperture with the front command dial, so to set an XC lens to auto, turn the command dial beyond the smallest aperture, and you will see the readout change color and display your wide-open aperture value. Your readout will also then display "A" in the lower left of your information display. Voila! Automatic Mode.
  15. Keep in mind that when you charge the battery through the camera's USB port, that current is passing through the main board, so if there was indeed a source power mixup (or failure) as JBrew mentions, there is some some danger to the camera. For an abundance of caution, I always remove the batteries for charging. I'm just a big fan of risk mitigation. The visual of plugging my Fujifilm into a 12v cigarette lighter adapter is, well, just downright something I'd rather avoid. I have both the original Fujifilm charger and an aftermarket set of charger/batteries. The batteries all perform equally, but I find the Fujifilm charger charges about three times faster. This is about an hour-and-a-half for the Fujifilm to charge one battery, and about five hours for the aftermarket charger, although it charges two batteries at once. These times are all with stone dead batteries. And these batteries hold a full charge for a very long time, so I tend to charge all three batteries at my convenience, so I can leave all the chargers home when I go out to shoot.
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