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  1. What are the flash settings in the camera? Is the YN660 set to Master or Slave? In order to make strobo exposures, the camera needs to know to open the shutter and when to do so. It sounds like the speedlite is communicating with the camera when directly mounted, but your controller may not be. I assume you are triggering by radio transmission. Have you tried to trigger with the EF-X8? You will need to set the speedlite to Slave. This will verify the camera at least speaks "Yonguo". Perhaps the camera and trigger are in conflict at some level.
  2. By the time the X-E4 comes out, supply of new X-E3's will likely be very limited. I can't imagine what features the X-E4 will have that would make me prefer it over the X-E3 anyway. I have two X-E3's, and I couldn't be happier with them. Given a comparison of the X-E2 and X-E3, I heavily prefer the X-E3 because of the sensor resolution (24 mp vs 16 mp) and the ergonomics. The button layout of the X-E3 is extremely intuitive; I do not look at the camera to operate it while shooting. The correct buttons are already under my fingers. I also like the flash capabilities of the X-E3 and its sup
  3. I hope I'm wrong, but I have low expectations of the X-E4, as I don't see FujiFilm doing much for still shooters. In all fairness, not much more is required over the X-E3. I expect any improvements will be nice, but not required. I really can't think of a photo situation I can't shoot because of an X-E3 shortcoming. I expect any innovation will be for video/selfie customers, and if this turns out to be the case, I'l just live on with my existing pair of X-E3 cameras.
  4. Just an idea..... try to identify which of your lenses could be substituted for another lens and altered technique. Also, consider other factors such as an image quality, and perhaps build a scoring system for your lenses, and depart with the lowest performers. At first glance, the list you propose above seems reasonable, but like mdm said, if you ever come across a need for a lens you got rid of, you may consider kicking yourself. Remember, it costs you nothing more to keep something you already paid for.
  5. I have both lenses, and I like them both. I agree with Herco that you won't see much difference except at larger apertures. Two things I noticed using both lenses is that the XC35 focuses faster than the XC16-50, and the light weight and small size of the XC35 makes for a pleasant rig for mobile shooting. At the end of the day, I find the image quality at wider apertures is slightly better in the corners. I find that I shoot differently with the XC35. Without the option to zoom on the fly, I find myself using photographer knowledge, compositional creativity, and my feet instead of the zo
  6. Ulrich, I assume you are using a tripod? Both the XC 15-45 and the XF 55-200 lenses have OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). The X-E3 has this little idiosyncrasy that the OIS must be turned off to shoot on a tripod, or blurring occurs, especially on long exposures. You can turn off OIS on your 55-200 with a switch on the lens. Your 15-45 is an XC lens, and has no switch, so you must go into the menus and turn off OIS in there. If this gives you any improvement, I would then experiment with a little higher ISO settings and longer shutter speeds. I haven't done any nighttime sky shots with
  7. I have a a pair of X-E3's and a slew of legacy dedicated Nikon flashes, specifically, a Nikon SB-50DX, and three Sunpak PZ 5000AF. I also occasionally use a couple of small fill in slaves. I nearly never use the SB-50DX, and usually use one or two of the Sunpaks. You're correct that none of these will operate in TTL, but they work excellent in manual and automatic modes. The best part of this whole deal is that I use the supplied EF-X8 flash to trigger whatever array I might have set up. I set the camera to Commander mode to operate the off-camera flashes, or I can set it for TTL. In Com
  8. I'm also in New England. The store was not E-Finity; I bought from an ebay vendor.
  9. I rolled the dice on such a deal about six months ago, and it turned out well in a spectacular way. I'm not sure how it would go in the post-COVID world. When I buy from the major New York companies, delivery usually takes a week. I bought a certain Fujifilm lens from Kong Kong, and delivery took thirty six hours. The price was thirty six percent of retail in the US. The lens arrived in standard Fujifilm factory packaging, albeit without warranty papers, and it is clearly first quality. It is indeed my favorite lens. At the price I paid, I would risk this again, but the closer the pr
  10. Heads up if you download and update the 1.12 firmware update to your XC 16-50 OIS II lens. The download is not the firmware .DAT file that you normally copy directly to memory card for the update process. The file you download is a .ZIP file containing a sub-folder which in turn contains two .DAT files. The files are named XFUP0022.DAT and XFUP0030.DAT. XFUP0030.DAT is the one that works. Copy that file to your memory card and proceed per Fujifilm's instructions. I updated three lenses: XF 18-55, XC 16-50 OIS II, and XC 50-230 OIS II. I didn't see any difference in the XF 18-55. T
  11. Paul, I looked at some of your work on Flickr. It is my amateur opinion that the X-T1 with an old and beat up 18-55 did not hold you back in the least. It just seems that talent trumps gear every single time.
  12. Jim, I'll start off by saying I'm completely in the tank for the X-E3, so my opinion is anything but objective. When I came to Fujifilm, I selected the X-E3 very carefully to suit my specific needs and best value. I was careful to NOT compare the X-E3 to other models because every model matches a different set of needs. In that regard, I never compared the X-E3 ergonomics to another Fujifilm model, with or without the D-Pad. However, I migrated from Nikon where I did have a D-Pad, and I do not miss it at all on the X-E3. In fact, I find X-E3 ergonomics to be optimal; I really don't t
  13. I don't use neither the X-T3 or Godox flash equipment, but as there are no other suggestions, I have a wild guess for you. If you set the camera flash menu to "Commander Mode", does this help you? I use a legacy flash array triggered by an EF-X8 on an X-E3, and I am amazed that the light from the trigger or the AF never enter the exposure. The deal with Commander Mode is that all this gets out of the way before the flash and exposure begin. As I said, it's just a hunch.
  14. I am not quite a year into my Fujifilm experience, and I find myself in a place I didn't expect to be. As I grow my lens collection, I find I am preferring XC lenses over the XF counterparts. I am using three of them; a 50-230, a 16-50, and the new 35 mm f2. I like them all, but I am wondering about that plastic lens mount. Has anyone here ever broken one? Is it feasible to replace it with the metal mount from a junked XF lens?
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