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X-App iPhone Import not syncing date details


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I updated to the new app and the connection and overall import flow works so much better (X100V model).

Nevertheless, when looking at the pictures, they all have the date and time of the import time and not when the picture was taken. I've given all permissions to the app and tried uninstalling and repairing again but the issue remains.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this would be highly appreciated :)

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I'm doing it by the iPhone app but when looking at the time in the Photos app, it shows the import time, so all the photos have the same time and date regardless of when they were imported. When using the old app it had the timestamp on when the picture was actually taken. Is there anything in the settings that I could maybe look into?

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I don't know - but if I take a picture with my X-S10 and then some time later use the app to transfer the jpeg to my iPhone - then open the Apple Photos app and touch the "i" icon it shows the timestamp from when the image was taken not when it was transferred. 

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I’m also having this problem with my X-S20. All other metadata is transferred properly to the iPhone Photos app except for the capture date/time (import date/time is recorded instead). I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro Max (iOS 17.4) with XApp (2.0.1(1)). Can’t seem to find a solution for this. 

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