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  1. I must admit this post really surprised me, I have just moved from a Canon DSLR and apart from the articulated screen not feeling as robust, and the battery/connector doors a little brittle, I thought the build quality was good. To me everything feels really solid.
  2. I think I already know the answer, but does anyone know if you can set a time that you need to hold down a custom button before it operates? I've just moved from a larger DSLR and I have large hands, and have found that I keep catching the custom buttons, so have had to unassign them all. If for example you needed to hold down a button for a second before it operated then it would remove the chance of inadvertently changing settings.
  3. Hi, thanks for the response. Yes I was surprised, I had taken them at dusk across small bay with some lights on the shoreline, hoping just to blur the sea. However the lights were all over the place.
  4. Hi folks, just moved from many years using a Canon DSLR to the X-T4. I am so used to having an IS switch to turn off on the lens when using a tripod, I forgot the other day when using the X-T4 for the first time and noticed that all of my long exposures (6-20 sec) were 'shaken'. However, when I put a post on social media there was some feedback suggesting that it's not necessary to turn off IBIS and examples were provided of photos where it was said that IBIS was left on. What are your thoughts?
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