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  1. Hi all, took around 500 photos last week, and when I loaded them on the PC I noticed that around 80 or so had patches of the photos that were blurred. I don't believe it is anything to do with DOF based on the selected aperture, as you can see that in some of the examples there are both blurred and sharp areas in the same plane. I also know where in each I focused, using spot and back button, so I know for example that the one with the boat in it, I focused on the boat but that is out of focus. I used an X-T4 with the 16-80 and had both IBIS/OIS on. In the one with the white building, I focused on that building but it is out of focus but with other areas that are in focus. Any ideas? You can find examples here
  2. I switched off the IBIS completely and still the noise.
  3. Just realised that Fujifilm had defaulted all my settings so IBIS was set to continuous, so changed to shooting only and will check it when quieter.
  4. botty1963

    Lens noise

    Hi all. The other day I was in the house and it was dead quiet, and when I turned on the camera I noticed that all of the time it was switched on, the 16-80 lens was noisy - I assume the focusing motor making a noise. I have never noticed this before, on any camera that I have had, although it could just be that I have simply never noticed. The reason I have posted this is that you can see from another post that I have had on-going issues with the number of photos I can get from a single battery charge. The camera body has been back to Fujifilm on three occasions and they have not found any issue with it.
  5. It is an odd one, and not one than anyone has been able to help with unfortunately. I use a 128GB and 64GB card, Sandisk Extreme Pro. All the feedback I have had suggests that most people get a good few hundred photos. An example for me, the weekend prior to sending it in the Fujifilm the last time, I did a 3hr hike, took 135 photos and the battery icon was red. Same issue all the time when I am out.
  6. Hi all, I have an issue and am now at a loss, as the camera has been back to Fujifilm on 3 occasions and they can't find an issue. I purchased the camera in October 2020, in the kit with the 16-80 lens. I moved from Canon with lots of lenses as I just wanted to simplify my setup. However, I have never on average got more than around 150 photos per full charge. During the time I purchased a second genuine Fujifilm battery and two third party ones; same issue with all of them. I have tried lots of suggestions for different settings but they didn't make any difference, as to be honest I don't 'chimp', the review is switched off, I very rarely do any video and if I do, it's just a couple of clips of a few seconds each. I also rarely use the LCD, I just used the EVF all the time. I have tried switching the camera off after each photo, I only use single point focus and use back-button focusing so it's not like the camera is hunting all of the time. On each occasion when it has been back to Fujifilm their testing has show that they can get many hundreds of photos, using my battery. And when I have done a test at home, taking photos around the garden over a couple of hours period I have also managed to get up to 400 photos with only 2 bars of the battery used. However, the issue comes in 'real world' shooting. I go hiking and take photos as I hike to document the hike, or I go on holidays and take snaps as I travel around, and it's these times when I get the issue. It's not temperature related as I have never taken it anywhere cold, or anywhere hot, just the regular UK temperatures. I don't change any setting when out and about, the only difference (and hence why I am at a loss) is that I will have the camera on a wrist strap and be walking around. I can't see how this can make a difference but I am at a loss.
  7. I only have the 16-80, I sold all my Canon gear to simplify my setup to one body and lens. Just remembered that I do have one friend who has Fuji so will try that. I will try it with the IS off, I have just done an experiment in the garden on a tripod with IS on and off but haven't yet loaded the photos to check.
  8. Yeah, both clean. Not on all photos so don't think it's something physical on the lens/camera.
  9. Correct, but if the subject is not moving then you are not trying to freeze moving objects, and the top two photos are both above 1/200 and have part of the image blurred and part not. The one with the cliff has part blurred and part not blurred, and are effectively in the same plane of focus.
  10. Even at 1/75 you would expect with IBIS and OIS that it would be fine. It's odd that if you look at the reflections on the shoreline and the boat/sea in the distance they are fairly sharp, but just the middle ground that is an issue. I think when it's the odd one you accept that it might have been the circumstances, but when it's about 100 out of 400 photos you wonder if there is an issue.
  11. Just noticed on this one at f7.1/, 1/75 and spot focused on the boat, that it's just the middle ground that is really blurred.
  12. Hi All, I came back from a week at the coast and around a third of my images were really poor with regards blurred areas of the photos. Attached are just a couple that give you an idea of what I mean. The first one with the seagulls is f/8, ISO160 and 1/250 and I focused on the birds, and the second one f/8, ISO160 and 1/210 and I focused on the cliffs. I use spot metering and had the IBIS/OIS on, I use the Fuji 16-.80mm lens. In both instances I was a distance from the subjects and therefore f/8 should give enough DoF, and the shutter speeds are quite quick, the birds were all just sat on the rocks. They were both shot handheld. My X-T4 and lens are both at the latest firmware levels. Any ideas why they are so blurred?
  13. I must admit this post really surprised me, I have just moved from a Canon DSLR and apart from the articulated screen not feeling as robust, and the battery/connector doors a little brittle, I thought the build quality was good. To me everything feels really solid.
  14. I think I already know the answer, but does anyone know if you can set a time that you need to hold down a custom button before it operates? I've just moved from a larger DSLR and I have large hands, and have found that I keep catching the custom buttons, so have had to unassign them all. If for example you needed to hold down a button for a second before it operated then it would remove the chance of inadvertently changing settings.
  15. Hi, thanks for the response. Yes I was surprised, I had taken them at dusk across small bay with some lights on the shoreline, hoping just to blur the sea. However the lights were all over the place.
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