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You are so funny ;)


@aj_nova is my second account (I'm allowed to...) to test everything from a normal member's point of view.


I used this topic to make some screenshots how to start a topic and how to post images.


Give me a few minutes to complete it...



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FX Admin, I joined the FX Forum on my iPad, thus using Tapatalk app. I tried to sign into the forum on my MacBook today w/ no luck. Kept getting the message my user name and password already in use. It is and its me! Should I register under a different name, get a new email addy just for use on my MacBook?


Sorry for posting on this thread but didn't find a better way to communicate.





Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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    • By FX Admin
      Here is a short tutorial how to start a thread in the Fuji X Forum - including how to post images.

      If you still have problems or you have suggestions how to improve the tutorial, please let me know!
      Comment below or send me a message.
      Step #1: Find the right forum
      Let’s take the Newbies Forum as an example

      Step #2: Create Topic
      Click here please „Start New Topic“:

      Step #3: Enter Content
      Each thread needs a title (red) and content (green). If you want to include images, you have to click „Upload file“ (pink) below the text.
      If you need no images continue with step #6.
      Tags (blue) are helpful to recommend other threads with similar topics.

      Step #4: Choose one or more Images for Upload

      Step #5: Add Image to Post
      If you don’t take this step, your image will be appended at the end of your post.
      This is how to add your image at the right position:

      Step # 6: Publish Thread
      When you are done, click „Publish Thread“

      This is how this contribution would look like - here is it live:

      Question? Suggestions for improvement?
      Comment here or send me a message!
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    • Any update on this issue? My xpro3 was purchased earlier this year, still under warranty. But I cannot turn it on at all. After a shoot last Saturday, I left it on its shelf and picked it up to shoot this morning: totally unresponsive. Tried 4 different Fuji batteries all charged. No luck. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you. 
    • The reply I received from Fuji back a while ago   “Thank you for your patience regarding this issue.     After speaking to our camera service engineers, they told me there is no coating on the new cameras and while the new LCD panels have a similar colour gamut, they are no longer calibrated by the factory in the same way that they used to be.   They believe this changed around the end of 2019 but they weren't sure.  Nothing that should make a black and white image look sepia though, the LCD will be slightly warmer out of the box.   In the same way that most TV screens and monitors are not colour calibrated from the factory, the LCD screens on our cameras are not either and instead have the option to be adjusted manually by the end user to their preference.   I appreciate this is probably not what you are looking for, but this is how the new generation of cameras are made” I tested a GFX50s I store that was traded in. No issues with the lcd - Seems the more money you spend the lcd is then properly calibrated. The lower end cameras under 1K they ain’t.    very sad to see
    • I'm trying to understand the unmarked aperture ring on the K&F Concept lens adapter. I recently purchased the K&F Concept Minolta AF (Sony A) to Fuji X lens adapter to use with my old Minolta AF lenses; specifically the Minolta AF 50mm f1.7-f22. With the adapter installed (Fujifilm X-E2S), the camera does not show the aperture selected; understandably as this is a "dumb" adapter. The combination works very well together and I have no complaints. The adapter has a clicked aperture ring that allows for 9 stops from fully open to fully closed. Would the 9 stops equate to f1.7, f2, f2.8, f4, f5.6, f8, f11, f16, f22 for the Minolta AF 50mm f1.7-f22 lens?   Many Thanks!
    • Welcome here, Charles  
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