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X-Pro2 or X-T2? Why pick one or the other?


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I use an X100T and an older consumer DSLR for when I need zoom for kids sports.  I've considered getting an X-series interchangeable lens camera for some time but am stumped as to the differences between the X-Pro2 and the rumored X-T2.  So let's say the X-T2 comes out and it has all the X-Pro2 technical features and is similar enough with things like external controls, flash sync, etc. so that there's very little by way of picture quality and ease of use to distinguish it from the X-Pro2.  Then, it seems to me you're left choosing between SLR and rangefinder styling.  Why would you pick one over the other and is there something else I'm missing?


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The most noticeable difference between the X-Pro2 and the forthcoming X-T2 will be the type of viewfinder available on the two cameras. Like the X100T you already have, the X-Pro2 sports both an optical and digital viewfinder, whilst the X-T2 - as the current X-T1 - only has an electronic but larger viewfinder.

We can all assume that the X-T2 will replicate all the technical features of the X-Pro2, in a different body with necessarily different ergonomics. It's definitely up to your preference to choose which one to pick, with the availability of the OVF being one of the main discriminating factors - other than the obvious rangefinder or SLR appearance.

You should also consider that the X-T2 will likely hit the market at a lower retail price, since the OVF in the X-Pro2 seems to be one of the element contributing to the higher overall cost. The price difference shoukd not be considerable though, probably in the range of a couple hundred dollars.

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The viewfinder is a bigger difference than what you'd think at first. It's a lot bigger in the X-T1, it also has a much longer eye point, meaning it is a lot easier to use with glasses. And you can actually see the whole viewfinder without smashing your eye against it. 


It also make for different ergonomics with the center placement and the controls on both sides. 


4k video will likely come, but really the Fuji cameras aren't that great for video anyways and 4k is more hype than anything else. Most people couldn't even play or edit the files on their computers or would have the storage to keep the recordings. 


It's also likely that the X-T2 will be slightly bigger than the X-T1 for better ergonomics and heat management (new hardware and 4k), so ergonomic comparisons between X-T1 and X-Pro2 might not be fully valid for the X-T2. 

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