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  1. My silver X100F has the same issue. I assumed it was just a design "feature" and never considered that it might be fix-able. Drives me nuts and really slows me down when I need to change things (it affects me most when trying to turn the flash on and off). I think I'm going to look into doing something about it. Thanks for the thread!
  2. Hi, I use an X100T and an older consumer DSLR for when I need zoom for kids sports. I've considered getting an X-series interchangeable lens camera for some time but am stumped as to the differences between the X-Pro2 and the rumored X-T2. So let's say the X-T2 comes out and it has all the X-Pro2 technical features and is similar enough with things like external controls, flash sync, etc. so that there's very little by way of picture quality and ease of use to distinguish it from the X-Pro2. Then, it seems to me you're left choosing between SLR and rangefinder styling. Why would you pick one over the other and is there something else I'm missing? Thanks!
  3. By the way, I loved the opening post of this thread ... not because I appreciate Ken Rockwell, but because I love those Chuck Norris jokes and it was great seeing them expertly applied to photography!
  4. I started reading Ken Rockwell before purchasing my first DSLR (2010). I was very much a newbie to photography. His articles on composition and taking better pictures have helped me immensely. Also, after he went on and on about the X100 series, I finally purchased my first Fuji, an X100S. I now own the X100T and I couldn't imagine a better camera for me (I mostly take shots of family and travel). I agree with just about everything he's said about the X100s and about the Nikon D3000 and D5000 series (I also own an D5000 which I shot 99% with a 35mm prime lens before buying the X100S). I saw what he said about the X-T10 in the RX100 Mark 4 review and it was somewhat contradictory to his actual X-T10 review, but I've learned to read between the lines with him. As "Fuji's best interchangeable lens camera ever", he likes it best in that category, but would not choose it over a DSLR ("Everything can be the best at something"). I also see he's very partial to cameras that can pump colors beyond what you see. I personally prefer Fuji that makes the colors you see beautiful without looking "artistic" (or if you prefer, without looking "unrealistic"). I'm really grateful for all the guidance Ken's site has provided me. I'm a much better photographer for having read it (specifically, I like my photos better and so do most of my friends and family). And his gear reviews have helped me lose the GAS and focus on the photos (the X100T also has a lot to do with that). My 2 cents ...
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