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X-T200 Brand new....can't get it to take a picture using the shutter button.

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My family purchased a X-T200 as a gift for the holidays. Disclosure - its my first camera (non-basic snap/shoot or phone). The camera didn't come with a lens so I purchased a Meike 25mm F1.8 Large Aperture Wide Angle Lens Manual Focus Lens. I read several reviews that it was a solid beginner lens.

All that said - I can't get it to take a picture using the shutter button. I've reset the features several times, followed the manual instructions, and it still won't take any pictures. I can get the self-timer to set and take a number of pictures with no problem. As I move through the menus I can use the shutter button to select a feature so I don't think it's a faulty button. 

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I'll just add a little extra context for why you need to enable "Shoot without lens".

Fujifilm lenses and some third party lenses have electronics on them for things like auto-focus and providing metadata for your photos (so you can later see which lens you used to take a photo). This works using a series of pins that you should be able to see on your camera when there's no lens attached.

Some third party lenses are fully manual, do not have any electronics, and cannot communicate with your camera. When one of these lenses are attached, your camera still thinks there is no lens attached, and so it doesn't let you take pictures. Your Meike 25mm F1.8 is an example of a lens that cannot communicate with the camera body.

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