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X-T200 Playback button not working and ominous crack

Leo M

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My X-T200 just started having problems. The playback button not longer works. No matter how hard or how many times I press, I cannot view my previously take photos. Losing playback functionality is tough as this is mainly a product picture camera so playback is absolutely necessary to make adjustments. 

The mode button was also acting funny...it also stopped working but it came back after I reset all my button and shooting configuration. 

Is there a configuration that I am missing? Or would playback be mapable to another button? (I checked the manual and I believe that this is not possible)

Lastly, since this camera is mostly mounted to a tripod, I just removed the adapter/mount and found a noticeable crack. I've used other cameras on tripods before and never seen anything like this. Would this happen just by tightening the mount/adapter? Wouldn't it need some violence to have damage like this? 


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