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Really annoying Button on H-Mount adapter...

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Hello, I recently purchased a used GFX and have taken my first steps on the forum! I've been using the Hotsell H1 for a while, so the first thing I bought was the H-Mount adapter. I was surprised by the price, but I was also surprised by the big difference in results compared to Hasselblad's XH adapter! Fuji did a really good job of suppressing internal reflexes.

But there is one thing that really bothers me. It's that damn button. That button works as sensitively as a touch without a “click”, and when I place my hand on the lens to support the heavy HC lens, it is exactly there. When I using Landscape, it is just on my thumb, and when I using Portrait, it is just on my palm. Because of this, the adapter settings window so many times blocks my view while shooting handheld... I don't find how I can change the assigned function of that button or disable it. I tried putting tape on it, but it didn't last long. Is there really no way to disable this damn button?? 

I feel like I want to disassemble it and tear it apart. I don't believe anyone need to access adapter settings so quickly... I don't understand why they created a button like this.

Please let me know if there is a way


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