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X-T200 webcam can't focus

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Ok guys, i THINK i've tried everything, but please help me. 

I'd like to use my x-t200 as webcam and record with OBS. Everything works fine, but the camera just CAN'T focus. 

As it's always trying to find focus - focusing in and focusing out. I have tried every option i could think of, from switching to manual, to all the options autofocus offers. Inspite of switching to manual, the camera is still trying to find the focus.


What am i doing wrong ? Please help a newbie. 

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Ok! So I posted the same problem on the fujifilm Subreddit and this was the answer:

Yes, the camera has to adjust focus constantly, and so do other brands. Fuji cameras don't lock-on as well as Sony cameras. The X-T200 also has an older sensor and less good autofocusing than the top-of-the-line Fuji cameras. And the more professional Fuji cameras let you tweak the autofocus speed, which means that you can hide this more.

But you'll see random focusing problems even in this movie by professionals shot on an X-T3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skgcruZichc

Lastly, it also depends on your lens. Lenses that focus faster might hide the problem more, and if your lens breathes while focusing, that only draws more attention to the problem.

Depending on your scenario, you might want to try manual focus with enough depth of field too.

Test the HDMI output to a TV or screen too. If that allows manual focus and other settings to work better, you could get an HDMI capture card for more flexibility (like the Elgato Cam Link). I know that costs extra money, but it takes a lot of the complication out of it because you no longer have to worry about Fuji's firmware, the USB interface, and Fuji software. You just capture the HDMI and the computer and software don't have to interact with the camera at all.

The reality is that webcam use was a free add-on to these cameras but never a well-developed feature that was intended to be anything more than a desperate option during the pandemic when everyone suddenly needed to broadcast online and all HDMI capture devices were out-of-stock at stores.

hope that helps! I'll keep messing around with lighting and such and add more if i find a fix 


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i had a video but removed it when i got an answer
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Sorry for the late response (I just found this thread), but maybe I'm not too late to help others experiencing similar problems....

Back in mid-Jan 2021, I was having the same problems described above, and as I reported in the comments here [*]:


... I found two ways to lessen or eliminate the problem:  (1) more light in the room -- the brighter the light, the less the X-T200 will hunt for focus and repeatedly blur the webcam image in the process; or (2) replace the Fuji XC or XF lens with a 3rd party lens and a <lens brand> -to- Fuji-X adaptor, and then that lens will work fine with the X-T200 in aperture priority, manual-focus-only mode -- but now the webcam will no longer auto-focus at all, obviously, so you'll need to use an aperture setting giving enough depth-of-field that your image doesn't go out-of-focus during your web-meeting.

Hope this helps,

        -- Jim

- - - - - -

 [*] See also the comments here as well:  


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I’m having issues with exposure adjusting too frequently to the slightest changes. I’ve looked all over for a solution to lock exposure on the X-T200 in webcam mode, but haven’t found anything. 

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Hey I'm having the same issues described...it's been very frustrating having the camera constantly adjust its focus.  

As mentioned, more light does help the issue, but this also makes me look like the pale computer nerd that I am! 

Does anyone else find it ridiculous that you cant force the webcam into an manual focus mode?? 

Would that not solve this problem entirely? Set the thing up on your desk, adjust the focus ring and then leave it...easy right? 

@Fujifilm, can we get a firmware update that disables the autofocus please??? 

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