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M42 adapter - loose


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Hi everyone,

I am new to the vintage lenses topic and just purchased first M42 adapter from well known K&F Concept - Pro version.
The issue is it seems to be a bit loose while mounted to the X-T10.

Is that normal or it should perfectly fit?
Three very tiny screws are on the adapter - what are they designed for?

I will appreciate any you opinions on that.

Kind Regards,

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Hi , I have the same with some K&F adapters, they wiggle a bit. But then I also have a Fujifilm lens that wiggles the same amount so I tought (hope) it's a normal margin. It does feel better when they sit tight. The one adapter I have from the brand Urth does fit tight.

Regarding the screws, that is not to adjust in case you were wondering.



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Are the screws there so you can rotate whatever you're mounting to put the right things (such as aperture or focus scale) on top? The M42 thread itself doesn't have a means to do that -- you screw the lens in and when it's tight, it's tight, no matter where it stops. Maybe you can fudge it a bit, but not a whole rotation's worth. Loosen the screws, orient your mounted lens the way it should be, tighten the screws.

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