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  1. What about the Meike 6.5mm and the 8.0mm? any experiences? Very affordable lenses as well!
  2. Hi , I have the same with some K&F adapters, they wiggle a bit. But then I also have a Fujifilm lens that wiggles the same amount so I tought (hope) it's a normal margin. It does feel better when they sit tight. The one adapter I have from the brand Urth does fit tight. Regarding the screws, that is not to adjust in case you were wondering. Menno
  3. I have a freezing X-T2 while using the Godox X2t trigger. I have been in contact with Godox helpdesk and their technicians "are looking at it". Waiting since November 2020. To 'unfreeze' the camera it suffices to switch off the X2t trigger. Very disruptive to the workflow.
  4. I also have the same freezing problem when using the X2T trigger on my X-T2. Must be bad communication between devices. In flash settings, shoe mount flash with TTL is the only option when having the X2T attached. Does that count for everyone?
  5. 2019, and thankful to have found this easy solution, thank you.I thought it was pressed inside or so.
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