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X-T30 front command dial only decreases

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I have the following issue with my X-T30: sometimes the front command dial only decreases whatever direction I turn it, left or right. I have set this dial to control ISO so I cannot increase ISO during shooting and also while browsing the photos and turn the dial to the right it does not go to next photo but to previous. The only way to restore function is to turn camera off and on again. I have tried to reproduce the problem with no success, it happens randomly but is very annoying. 

Seems like a firmware issue, i have the latest 1.20. Anyone else with similar issue? 

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You should try and assign other features to the front dial command and see if it acts similarly. I've had this issue with an X-Pro2 (though with the back command dial) and it turned out to be a moist-issue. It started after a walk in some mild rain on Iceland and only after the camera was serviced it disappeared... Could it be the same issue for you?

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It acts the same way for every command i assign. I tried also factory reset with no success.

After many hours of troubleshooting I noticed that i had this issue with a Samyang lens and also with a 7Artisans lens, both manual with non electronic contacts. Today i am shooting the whole day with my Fuji 18-55 and also with my Fuji 55-230 and everything is ok, so this could probably be a bug/incompatibility with non-Fuji lenses. However needs more testing to confirm

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