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FUJIFILM X Webcam not working on macOS Catalina.

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7 hours ago, Eric Anderson said:

For me the problem was the Cable.


MacBook Pro 15" 2018 Model, Catalina 10.15.6 (latest version), Fuji X-T3, USB-C cable in to the Fuji and USB-A (the wide rectangular one) in to a dongle from my Mac.

When I opened my Cam app(s) Zoom, Teams, WebEx and choose the Fuji Cam option for video input I would get the default Fuji Webcam image background but no live video.  I was pulling my hair out trying to get it to work, double checked all the camera settings, updated the Zoom, Teams, etc software... nothing.

Then I tried removing the dongle.. and using a USB-C to USB-C cable directly in to the Mac Book. BAM! works perfectly now.

Here's a list of tested USB cables from the NYT... https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/reviews/best-usb-c-cables/#fast-charging-and-data-transfer-for-laptops I assume any of these will work well.

Hope this helps.


Thank you! Unfortunately I use a Macbook Pro just before the whole USB-C dongle situation happened, so I plug it directly into the laptop.

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Hello all:  I have been successful in setting up the web cam with both my X-T2 and X-T3.  I'm running Mac OS 10.15.6 and using the most recent version of Zoom which is 5.2.3.  I did find that with my X-T2 I had to use a USB 3 cable as it didn't work with just the USB mini plugged into the USB port.  With the USB mini I just get the Fujifilm X Webcam screen.  One thing  you should be sure to do if you're still having issues is to update the firmware on your camera.  My X-T2 is at 4.40 and my  X-T3 is at 3.30.

Cheers and good luck!


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ALL: it only works with Microsoft Edge Browser on Mac.  I downloaded and it works... 


See: https://fujifilm-x.com/global/support/download/software/x-webcam/

   Google Meet (Chrome/Edge*), Teams (Chrome/Edge*), Skype (Chrome/Edge*), Zoom (Chrome/Edge*), Messenger Rooms     (Chrome/Edge*), LINE、OBS Studio
   *Chromium Edge  

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I had trouble at first but was able to get this (kind of) working with my X-T4.

My environment: 

MacBook Pro 2017 (USB-C ports)
Mac OSX Catalina 10.15.7
Zoom v. 5.2.0
USB-C to USB-C cable (worked with the cable that comes in the X-T4 box and also a generic cable) 
X-T4 firmware 1.10
Mac app: FUJIFILM X Webcam 2

My mistake was that I was waiting to see the camera recognized by the Webcam app before connecting to Zoom.

Turns out you have to launch Zoom first, select "FUJIFILM X Webcam 2" as the camera (from Preferences > Video) and THEN (and only then!) the webcam app will recognize the camera. 

NOTE: It's also necessary to have the latest version of Zoom. Earlier versions did not allow for virtual camera input, which this relies on. 

I say "kind of" working because the video is unusably jerky and delayed. Any advice on that?



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No joy for me on Catalina either.

Confident it’s not a cable issue as if I change the camera settings, Lightroom sees camera.

the webcam app never pops up itself, and if I start it manually it is all greyed out. To me, It feels like some level of rights for the app to access usb is missing. But I take the point that rights don’t seem issue (though I remember rights issues with version 1 which I did get working on older OS)

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@AndrewR  THANK YOU! 

that was the problem. Or more accurately most of it.

It seems things are very fussy about the order of doing things (at least on both macs I have access to).

0. Install all software, wait for reboots.

1. Make sure webcam 2 is *not* running.

2. Start up a *qualified* app, such as the most recent zoom or chrome version of the likes of MS Teams (I'm starting to prefer Chrome MS teams to native...!)

3.  turn the camera on.

This works both with usb-c to usb-c and usb-c to usb-a via an anker hub.  performance is pretty good, though I know hub is USB-3, so lots of bandwidth (I'd guess if it negotiated down, you may run into issues of quality as a result, so USB-C is probably safer where possible).

Once you've got it working it is *much* more tolerant of the order of 1, 2 and 3, *provided you don't reboot*.  After a reboot I've found that doing in a different order failed (okay only once as I've only done a few reboots. For me, having the camera turned on before starting the app seemed to cause problems (webcam 2 perhaps only listens for a "new camera" message before doing something, and can only do that once the app has started, but once its done the initialisation it doesn't need to repeat things even when you quit the app.)

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I wish we could experience consistent behaviour or a solution that works consistently. I get it to work with Zoom, Quicktime, but not in MS Teams or Skype. And for sure, most of my video calls are on skype and teams.

I concur, what is working for me, is to have everything plugged, camera off, starting the camera, starting Zoom, selecting the proposer device/video input, which then makes Webcam X2 software to appear. 

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The solution for me was found here:


I tried everything. I suspected that the problem was that Teams did not get access to removable volumes, and after trying the solution above, I was asked to give access, just like with any other camera and microphone the firs time, and it worked. I have never gotten the FUJIFILM X Webcam 2.app to work, so if anyone has a fix to that, it would be much appreciated.

macOS 10.15.7
Microsoft Teams

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I have only been able to get the XWebcam and XWebcam2 to work on my Macbook Pro )mid 2012, Catalina) with QuickTime Player Capture video without controls of the XWebcam software and with XWebcam/XWebcam2. 

I have been able to get it to work with Zoom only. Not FaceTime, not Skype, not Google Meeting. My old Logitech Webcam work with everything also.

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I found that only some software and some web browsers work with the XWebCam, and those that do typically need to have an update.

I think the Zoom App most recent works fine, and MS Teams *inside Chrome only* works, but MS Teams native app doesn't work, nor does MS-Teams in other browsers like safari. That said, the post above about forcing permissions on MS Teams may point at a general issue with what needs to be changed with apps -- i.e. the need to access the removable storage which I guess is how the streams are shared.

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For those of you who had X Webcam working on Catalina as I did, have you had any success getting it to work with Mac OS 11? It was something I forgot to check before upgrading. 

Now the X Webcam software does not see the camera. The tools on the App are all grayed out and I can only see the splash screen. 

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Camera is still not being detected even with latest software/firmware

I'm running macOS 11.2.1 on an iMac Pro

X Webcam v2.1

X100V with firmware v2.0

I've tried a couple of different cables. Both take USB power (the green LED on the camera is illuminated). Both are capable of transferring images from the camera to the iMac.

But when I (manually) start X Webcam, all the controls are disabled.

There's another clue... In X Webcam, I have checked "Launch when camera detected". However, with X Webcam not running, I connect and switch on the camera but the application doesn't start. Therefore, it's clear (to me anyway) that the camera isn't being detected.

I've raised this with Fujifilm technical support (here in the UK). They'll probably pass the buck to their developers and I'll hear no more but it's worth a try.

Edit: See attached image. This is after a restart with camera switched ON. Note that the camera is clearly not being detected at USB level

Screenshot 2021-02-19 at 11.35.55.png

Edit 2: There are two further observations that may give a clue to what's going on.

1. When connected to the USB 3.0 Bus, the camera does not show up in System Report (see above). However, it is detected by Lightroom, Image Capture etc and I am able to download / import images. I do not understand that.

2. If I connect to the USB 3.1 Bus (Thunderbolt) the camera is revealed in System Report as "USB PTP Camera". Unfortunately, using this Bus still doesn't encourage X Webcam to behave properly. Image import works perfectly on the USB 3.1 Bus.

Final edit: I've found the answer. X Webcam is not supported on macOS 11.x. See this document

Screenshot 2021-02-24 at 08.01.39.png

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For me the camera (X-T4) is only found by zoom if:

  1. Start zoom app, start X-Webcam, connect camera (any order works)
  2. Put camera into still mode
  3. Turn on camera

Starting the camera in Movie mode does not work. Also it has to be in still mode and connected before turning it on. And make sure you are in the USB auto tether mode. I did not have to give any permissions to zoom.

Using latest Catalina. No luck with Slack however.


Also the X-WebCam autostart with connected camera does not work. Neither will it show any connected cameras unless something like zoom is using the camera. So don't take it as an indicator.

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