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  1. I found that only some software and some web browsers work with the XWebCam, and those that do typically need to have an update. I think the Zoom App most recent works fine, and MS Teams *inside Chrome only* works, but MS Teams native app doesn't work, nor does MS-Teams in other browsers like safari. That said, the post above about forcing permissions on MS Teams may point at a general issue with what needs to be changed with apps -- i.e. the need to access the removable storage which I guess is how the streams are shared.
  2. @AndrewR THANK YOU! that was the problem. Or more accurately most of it. It seems things are very fussy about the order of doing things (at least on both macs I have access to). 0. Install all software, wait for reboots. 1. Make sure webcam 2 is *not* running. 2. Start up a *qualified* app, such as the most recent zoom or chrome version of the likes of MS Teams (I'm starting to prefer Chrome MS teams to native...!) 3. turn the camera on. This works both with usb-c to usb-c and usb-c to usb-a via an anker hub. performance is pretty good, though I know hub
  3. No joy for me on Catalina either. Confident it’s not a cable issue as if I change the camera settings, Lightroom sees camera. the webcam app never pops up itself, and if I start it manually it is all greyed out. To me, It feels like some level of rights for the app to access usb is missing. But I take the point that rights don’t seem issue (though I remember rights issues with version 1 which I did get working on older OS)
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