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  1. Thank you! Unfortunately I use a Macbook Pro just before the whole USB-C dongle situation happened, so I plug it directly into the laptop.
  2. That is good to hear that it works for you! The only thing that I am thinking is that perhaps the USB connections on my Macbook Pro perhaps don't deliver the right amount of power for the connection to kick in? What kind of Macbook do you use? And do you use a normal USB cable? Whatever 'normal' means for a USB cable. 🙂 Or do you use something particular?
  3. I have the same problems like many here. I also use Mac OS 10.15.6 with a Macbook Pro 2015 15" DG. All the recommended settings have been set in my X-Pro2. I have installed Fujifilm Webcam V2.0, but that application doesn't recognise that I have my camera attached. Zoom and MS Teams only show Fujifilm Webcam Software splash screen. I have no clue how to get this working right now. Also checked the permissions in Privacy & Security. I really hope someone finds a solution to this issue.
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