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  1. According to https://fujifilm-x.com/en-us/webcam-support/ the only software that is officially supported is: Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams. I wouldn't expect Facetime to work unless there is a browser based version. In general I think browser based video chat software in a Chromium based browser will work. Slack for example, doesn't work as a desktop application, but will work if you used the browser based version in Chrome.
  2. Thanks @MacimusPrime I believe I've figured out the solution thanks to your post. FUJIFILM X Webcam does in fact work with macOS Catalina! I noticed when I updated zoom and started using it I got a popup that said "“Zoom” would like to access files on a removable volume." After I granted access it started working. Google Meets however still did not work. To fix that, I had to manually grant Google Chrome access to Removable Volumes. This will be true of any software you want to work with FUJIFILM X Webcam. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Pri
  3. I'm able to get that far. I see the Splash screen but my video doesn't pop up (on macOS Catalina). Worth noting that my work computer is still on macOS Mojave and I use it with the software successfully every day, so its definitely not my camera configuration. When it works successfully, you will see the splash screen for a few seconds and then your video pops up.
  4. Has anyone had success using FUJIFILM X Webcam with macOS Catalina? It was working for me (with my XT-3) on macOS Mojave. I installed macOS Catalina lastnight and now I can't get Google Meet (which worked previously) to display my image. It just shows the FUJIFILM X Webcam screen. I removed FUJIFILM X Webcam and reinstalled it, did not seem to help. According to the official documents, Catalina is supposed to be supported, so I'm wondering if anyone has had success with it.
  5. What MacOS are you using. Fujifilm X Webcam and my XT-3 were working with Sierra. I installed Catalina lastnight and now I can't get it to work.
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