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  1. I have only been able to get the XWebcam and XWebcam2 to work on my Macbook Pro )mid 2012, Catalina) with QuickTime Player Capture video without controls of the XWebcam software and with XWebcam/XWebcam2. I have been able to get it to work with Zoom only. Not FaceTime, not Skype, not Google Meeting. My old Logitech Webcam work with everything also.
  2. I use a OAproda (Don’t see it anymore on Amazon) with my GoalZero panel when I’m out for extended periods. I also have a Anker battery pack that works well with it. It does work connected to my solar panel, daisy chaining two work better. The best method is changing the backup batteries the use them with the USB battery charging your USB Fujifilm battery changer at bedtime, keep it warm in your sleeping bag with you to get a fully changed, cold interferes with changing.
  3. I regularly record my tracks to GPX, and find it as accurate as civilian GPS allows. Turning on WiFi may help around town. I’ve been using an old MotionX app on my iPhone but there are newer apps that do the same. I keep my phone near the top of my pack. I find this works better than using the tethered GPS unit in my flash shoe eating up my camera battery. Then, sync it in Lightroom later.
  4. I just got my X-T4, and use GPS with my other Fujifilm cameras, I believe you need to update the location information if you move, if the old GPS information is stale, the icon turns red and is prompting you to update it. Another option is to get a GPS app on you mobile device, record your movements, save it to a GPX file to sync to your photos in Lightroom. Make sure the time on both the phone and camera are correct.
  5. I'm Allan, I've been shooting since my Brownie Starmite in in the 50's as a child. My first pro camera was a 4x5 Speed Graphic and my largest format is 8x10. I don't plan ever to go back to film. I shoot mostly 360x180 equirectangular panoramas. www.allan-der.com
  6. I lost mine recently, I got a two replacements and lost another one already. They sell them at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/JJC-Silicone-Eyepiece-Fujifilm-Eyeglasses/dp/B06Y4M6G6M and yes I feel air moving our from the area of the missing eye cup when I zoom my lens. I did hike a day without it exposed to the rain with a missing eyecup without problems. I added more glue this time with my second eye cup and orders more spares.
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