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Found 10 results

  1. Please help 😢 My xpro3 was always flawless, until today. My camera does’t function anymore. It shows only the amount of pictures and battery level al the rear display. Neither button works anymore, as the screens and viewfinder. Camera looks frozen. I noticed that when I turn it on for the first time after installing a battery, it powers the lens for a second. After that it doesn’t happen anymore, untill I install the battery again or lens again. Tried a different lens, cleaning the contactpoints, different battery, different SD, uncharging it for 3 days, tried to connect it to a computer, charged it for a whole day…..no sign of life What is remarkable, is that it drains the battery, also when the camera is shut off again. The last thing I did whit it was (as I remember correctly) transferring pictures to the X-app using Bluetooth. Can it be stuck in the transfer mode? What to do? Is there a way I can reset the camera without a button? Please help
  2. My problem: My X-t30 no longer lets me record video. Nothing happens when I push the shutter button in video mode. Background: - My main use for this camera is for recording video projects at my workplace. - I noticed the issue after using the camera as a webcam with a elgato camlink 4k. I had optimised the in-camera settings for use as a webcam during the past months of Zooming everyday. My attempted fixes so far: - I reverted all my in-camera settings back to my usual, non-webcam settings. - I updated the firmware to the latest version. - Many google searches to see if anyone else has had and posted a fix to this issue.
  3. Hey guys and girls, I have a problem with my X100T and I don't know if this is a bug or a false setting. when I look through my EVF or on my screen I can see the scene and it is right exposed. When I then press my release half way through to focus the image gets 1-2 stops darker. If I then press the release completely (take the picture) and then look at the 1/2 second preview it looks again right exposed. And it is right exposed. It's just under exposed when I set/look the focus point. And this happens not all the time. Most times it works great without any issues and then without changing any settings the issue appears. Does anyone know this behavior and can tell me what it is? Here is a example video off the issu. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s4diretody41kor/AAAf5wiibg9-R70smhj9Sou_a?dl=0
  4. Have you experienced this error? I was shooting this morning, single shots and kept getting an error message saying Failed to Write to Card. Those images were not saved to disk. Any ideas?
  5. Hello, Well after I upgraded a few days ago, I just found out I can not record video. I have never had a problem with my cards, which include a Sandisk Extreme and Sandisk Ultra. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  6. Hello everyone, First post on this forum so let me introduce myself : Nicolas, fuji x100 user when this camera was released, sold it and regret it, fuji x100f user for a month. I would like to report an odd behavior which is supposed to be fixed in the latest firmware as per Fuji detailed report here https://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/firmware/x/x100f/history.html 0/ my fuji X100F is running the latest firmware (2.11) 1/ In manual focus mode: 2/ Whether: I use the AEL/AFL button to acquire focus Or use the front ring to manually focus (the area in focus is highlighted with the focus peak option so I know precisely what is in focus) 3/ AND focusing at short distance (less than 50 cm) 4/ AND using any aperture smaller than f/2.0 (the smallest the aperture, the biggest lens moves: see point 5/ below) 5/ When I press the shutter button, the lens slightly moves (obvious move) before the picture is acquired, thus ruining what is in focus. I have repeated the same process in AF/S and everything works fine. Anyone experienced this behavior? Do you know if the fuji website has a link to submit incident request? Thanks for reading ! Nicolas
  7. Hi all, Hope somebody can help. I'm in need of some assistance to resolve an error I've discovered on my XT3. (I've been filming for around 2 years with this camera). When I turned on my camera, on-screen and also exported footage, coloured blobs are in the corners. After checking both the lens and sensor, I can't see any scratches or damage. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Every time I turn on the camera, these coloured blobs keep appearing. Thanks, Matt
  8. Hi, I was wondering if anyone who has been lucky enough to already receive their X-T2 has also encountered this error? About 9-14 seconds into video recording, the camera saves the video, and "Write Error" appears on the screen. I have tried using each of the film simulations, different memory cards (each formatted by the camera beforehand), different lenses. I can't seem to isolate the problem based on some external factor, so I'm thinking it's firmware/camera related. The videos the camera saves are intact and viewable, just short. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. I have a Fuji XT3 camera for about 3 months now. Great camera, really liking it much more than my previous camera. Can say that for sure because I use it more and it makes me feel take more pictures and improve. Such a powerful camera that's so light weight. Some three weeks ago, when taking a video, it resulted in a write error. I have tried formatting the cards, upgrading the firmware and also changed the prefix of the file name (after seeing this as a fix for the problem). But so far no luck. It constantly gives the error when taking pictures. When I check there are many files missing in the sequence. I also noticed that if you sort by time, the file name sequencing is not proper...meaning they are not perfectly ascending or descending. At places, they are off by one or two file names in the sequence. Fuji is asking to send for inspection. But I would like to know from fellow members if anybody has faced this issue and if Fuji has a sure shot fix for it. I know for many, they have even replaced the motherboard in a brand new camera with the issue still persisting. It seems mine is the first camera in India that has the problem according to the service dept. This problem started after I shot the video for the first time using the camera. After that the error can mostly be replicated in CL/CH or Panorama mode. Tried different cards also.
  10. Fujifilm X Acquire app doesn't detect my X-T30 camera. I activated Auto USB but it doesn't work. I tried restarting.
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