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  1. I've used the same set-up (X-t30 and camlink 4k) and my guess as to why it shuts downs is due to overheating. I tried to tweak the settings to optimize for long calls but got at most around an hour of camera time before my system shuts itself down. I dropped the video to 1080p at the lowest possible frame and bit rates. Maybe it could last longer at a higher bit rate because the camera wouldn't have to compress in body, idk. The main point is that I think it's unavoidable that the system shuts off after some time due to heat. I wish there was a 720p setting because I think that would help a lot and video conferencing doesn't need full HD. That could squeeze some more time of of things for sure.
  2. Thanks for the tip. I did a shooting menu reset and this fixed it as far as I can tell. Thank you.
  3. My problem: My X-t30 no longer lets me record video. Nothing happens when I push the shutter button in video mode. Background: - My main use for this camera is for recording video projects at my workplace. - I noticed the issue after using the camera as a webcam with a elgato camlink 4k. I had optimised the in-camera settings for use as a webcam during the past months of Zooming everyday. My attempted fixes so far: - I reverted all my in-camera settings back to my usual, non-webcam settings. - I updated the firmware to the latest version. - Many google searches to see if anyone else has had and posted a fix to this issue.
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