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  1. The 23mm 1.4 is atached on the X-pro 1 all the time, i shoot 60% off my pics with this combi. 35% i shoot with my XE-2 with 14mm 2.8 or 56mm 1.2. That leaves 5% for the iPhone an my doughters X-10
  2. In my Nikon period i always shot RAW or RAW&JPEG. At home i processed the raw's, for a quick photo on the road i used the (small) jpg's for sending by phone to a newspaper or website. In the beginning i did the same with my Fuji's, but i always used the jpg's. So now i shoot jpg only, except in dificult light situations i also shoot raw for security. The Fuji's create very good JPG's
  3. I agree. - 10-24 or 16mm f1.4 - 35mm f1.4 - 56mm f1.2 ​But i have a fine kit and keep it that way
  4. The AF speed is slow but the IQ is perfect. So if you want to spend some time to make a great picture buy it.
  5. Nice pic, i see that building every day. I live a few minutes from there
  6. You are more flexible with the 10-24. But personally i like to travel light (and small) so my choice would be the 14mm. Have a nice trip!
  7. I can wait. My X-pro 1 is still working perfect. A little slow, but i am slow too Next year we have 2016 technology instead of 2015 technology, thats the positive way of thinking. Be patient and everything wil be ok.
  8. My opinion .... yes. Specialy for $699 It is a slow cam, but i am slow too I love to shoot with the X-pro 1. I have to confess that i am waiting for a X-pro 2, but thats because i like to spend some money.
  9. No, i (almost) never use flash. Soon it wil be repaired, i stil got the hotshoe and the screws.
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