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  1. I think I'll stick with the rocket blower followed by the wet cleaning if I ever need to do it. I've used that method for my Nikon cameras several times. It's a little nerve-racking, but if you take your time it's pretty easy and causes no harm.
  2. Ah....ok. Possibly. I had the X-Pro1 in the past and I know what you mean about the lens being in the view when using the OVF. I almost always used the EVF though ;-)
  3. Sorry if it has already been discussed, but does anyone know the logic behind this new lens? I mean, from what I can see it's slightly smaller, weather sealed and has f/2 instead of f/1.4. Presumably, it will focus faster too. So...I wonder why they didn't just update the existing f1/4 lens to have weather sealing and better AF and not come out with what would seem to give you some benefits of weather sealing and faster AF, but then take away the wider aperture. I'm a little confused by this lens and how it's supposed to fit with the existing lens. Sometimes I really WANT f/1.4 for that shallow DoF...but now I'd have to pick from more shallow DoF or weather sealing/better AF (?) and deeper DoF.
  4. I'm surprised how much I like the long eye cup. I was having issues with seeing the EVF with my glasses on when sun would enter from the side. Now, it's not an issue. I would buy it for sure.
  5. I've been busy with work and life in general, but here are some more jpg's :-) Most all are with the 18-135 (on the X-T1).
  6. I have heard about the other raw converters, but I really love to use Lightroom for absolutely everything since it makes everything quicker and easier for me. By the way, I still do minor changes to the photos once I import into Lightroom. The photos I post always have SOME type of change to them, whether it be slight white balance change, a bump in saturation or other minor things like that.
  7. Good point. I toyed with DR settings when shooting raw, but maybe there's really no affect to the raw files and it only really applies to the in-camera jpg files. I'll give DR 200 a go this weekend.
  8. Thanks. Provia Sharpness = 0 (I mildly sharpen in Lightroom) Highlights = -2 Shadows = -1 Color = 0 Noise Reduction = -1
  9. I've been shooting raw (like that frizzy hair guy on YouTube) for a long time now. Nikon, Olympus, Sony, Panasonic, an older Fuji (X-Pro1 and X100S) and maybe another brand I forgot ;-)...but I've always been shooting raw since I discovered editing in Lightroom (version 1). I've always been more happy with raw since it was much easier to adjust white balance, push/pull shadows/highlights and various other reasons. Mostly for flexibility and highest image quality. Well, after about a year and a half with the X-T1, I think I'm finally going to shoot JPG only (except for rare occasions). Why? I just can't replicate (in Lightroom) the great color and tones I get straight from the camera. I've tried for awhile now to tweak the Adobe provided camera profiles to my liking, but they always seem to have too much contrast and the color just isn't quite the same. Adjusting white balance in Lightroom? The X-T1 has the most accurate auto white balance I've seen from a camera. I previously gave that nod to the Olympus E-M1. So, adjusting white balance for my Fuji files isn't as important anymore. Recovering highlights or lifting shadows in Lightroom? That's not as important anymore either because I've editing the in-camera settings to my liking so that I don't have really harsh shadows or highlights. I can tweak a little here and there as I see fit for the JPG files in Lightroom. I went outside around my yard and garden and snapped some examples over the last day or two. I'm very pleased with the images straight from the camera and with a few mild edits in Lightroom. These are all from the 56mm and 18-135mm. Some people badmouth the 18-135 being just an average lens at best, but I think it's excellent.
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